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Glen A Larson making a new BG film?

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I've lost all respect for anybody or anyone going to. Or putting up links to that place to dwell on for news?!


Considering the kind of langauge they like to use on Harry's sad site for the braindead "hate everything, everyone and their mothers" website, full of uber: hypocrites. Shame on you. What if some kid from here goes over there and reads all that crap?


Have you actually read that page fella, don't think showmasters would approve of that place if they read it!


Remove the link man. :P

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You wish?


Larson owns the film rights not the TV rights to Battlestar Galactica! So it won't ever be that crappy new one with glowing backs, sex changed characters, cheesy rip off remake with stolen story ideas from the classic series and humans playing Cylons. Glen Larson liked his original Battlestar better. and hopes to get this one done over a few year's time.


Movie based on the new one. Hah what a kidder.... ^_^


Not as long as Glen Larson owns the movie copyrights which are his lock and stock.


That garbage isn't Galactica, not really.

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