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Creating your own fan site

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zebredy    12

Hi Im new to making your own site and all that.


You see I have a site I tried strating through tripode.com using one of there free ones, but to be honest, it looks crap is going nowhere fast, and I wanted to start my own proper site from scratch, that is if its not to expencive to start up or to hard to do.


I was wondering if people could post here some free sites that people could use to make there own little sites.Oh and if anyone has any really GOOD advise on making your own site from scratch could they post it here as well.


Any help would be greatly appreciated








LLAP :borg:

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Liessa    18

I have made several sites on geocities. I'll do a comparison:



- easy sitebuilder

- enough room to store dozens of pics (I've lost count on my accounts)

- easily add new pages to your site



- no hotlinking

- no copying text from word or other websites into the builder

- you have to remember to link to the rest of your pages, cause you start from scratch (just a blank white page)


I like it, but I'm used to it. If you want to see my geocities account: Click here

I also have a tripod site, but it looks too 'premade' to my taste. I hardly use it, just for storing things I don't want on my geocities page.


I'd suggest a try-out. Build your page on geocities and tripod, and see which one was easiest and which one turned out the way you wanted it to. Let us know!

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HI! Making sites is fun!! I have 2 fanites!


I didn't use a special program, I just used notepad, add me to msn if you want and I'll try and offer what little knowledge I have! :yoda:

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