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  1. So, the announcement is there, DST has been moved to October 9th-11th. Again, all the best to all organisers and attendees, stay safe and take care!
  2. So emails just went out for a date change to August 1st-2nd for Comic Con Dortmund. Since Destination was supposed to be at the same venue in the same weekend, I'd expect a similar announcement for DST. I know, it takes a lot of time and people to re-organise, especially after there already has been a date change. I'll wait for any official announcement, but I do want to wish the organisers all the best in these troubled times. Live long and prosper!
  3. Ah, too bad! I really wanted to see Frazer again, he's so lovely. Will this also be announced on the Facebook page?
  4. Let me make an unpopular statement first: I am not a wrestling fan. However, my friend @borgteddy is. So, I tend to tag along when she meets wrestling guests. Over the years I have met most of those who attended LFCC (we missed last year, but attended every year from around 2010), and most have been really nice. One thing keeps happening, where the guest is happily chatting to Borgteddy, and then they turn to me, and ask "so, what's your favorite show/wrestler/something to do with wrestling I know know nothing about" or "How long have you watched the shows?" or sonething to that extent, at which point I have to admit my total lack of wrestling-watching history. This is usually either followed with a slightly weirded out stare, the guest trying to make me promise to start watching or them saying "oh" and turning their attention back to Borgteddy. My favorite was a few years ago, I cannot remember the guys name, but he was so nice. He was really relaxed when I told him I didn't watch, and he insisited I still get a picture with him. His opinion was that if I ever started watching, I'd be glad I did, and I was there right in front of him, so why not! So He basically made me get a picture with him in the nicest possible way
  5. For those reading along, missing from the opening post at the moment are: Aimee Garcia (sat, sun, 25 auto, 25 photo) Alan Harris (fri, sat,sun, 25/25) Alex Kingston (sat, sun, 35/35) Andy Bradford (fri, 10) Erin Kellyman (sat, sun, 25/25) Genevieve Gaunt (sun, 15/15) Jamie Hill (sun, 10/10) Lennie James (fri, sat, sun, 40/40) Manu Bennett (fri, sat, sun, 25/25) Robert Picardo (fri, sat, sun, 25/25) Some of the cancelled guests are still in the opening post: Amanda Noar, Charles Dance, Daniel Portman, Lotte Verbeek, Malin Akerman and Martin Kove are not attending. The current total is 145 acting/movie/TV guests (incluing 7 wrestling guests), 72 comic guests, 80 YALC guests and 8 cosplay guests.
  6. Liessa

    15 years!

    I just realised I passed the 15 year on the forum mark! I apparently joined June 24th 2004. In the mean time I have moved house (almost twice), gotten engaged, gotten married, changed jobs, went to the US and Japan, got 5 nieces and so much more. But I also visited a LOT of cons, in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and the US. Lots of Showmasters! I missed a few LFCCs, but attended most, and met so many lovely lovely people. I am talking about attendees, crew and guests, as the con-atmosphere is the place to be for me. So if you've met me in the past 15(+) years, and you happen to pass by at LFCC, give me a shout! Let's go for the next 15!
  7. I got all the Disco crew except Jason Isaacs (already had him) on a poster; got Max Grodenchik, Aron Eisenberg, Armin Shimerman, Cirroc Lofton, Andrew Robinson and René Auberjonois on a DS9 statue (so gorgeous); another statue signed by William Shatner and Sandra Gimpel; Armin, Doug Jones, Michael Dorn and Ira Behr signed books and got photos signed by Martha Hackett and Jeri Ryan. So saw lots of lovely people! I went with a friend who wanted some different people, so also visited Vaughn Armstrong, Gates McFadden, Alexander Siddig, Alice Krige and Michael Moore :)
  8. Doug Jones, how awesome is this man! I got hugs, a kiss and this absolutely fantastic picture! I am trying hard not to laugh here, and failing
  9. Cool! I look forward to meeting him :)
  10. It was a suggestion for the future, absolutely. I got what I bought, so no swapping. My friend will be very happy with a Jeri Ryan picture, I'm sure :)
  11. Then just name the categories for the pricing, avoids confusion with certain forum-games But you all get the idea, narrow our choice but still give us one :)
  12. I'd prefer a system where I get tickets that I can still have some choice with. So for example: Level 1 guests are GBP 50+ Level 2 guests are GBP 35-49 Level 3 guests are GBP 20-34 Level 4 guests are anything under GBP 20 Then if I buy a package I'm getting for example 3x lvl 4, 1x lvl 3 and 1x lvl 2. I still have a choice, so that would be more flexible. If you state that any voucher can be used for a lower level as well (but 1 voucher is still 1 autograph, so no partial use) it might even work out as a better deal for the organisers. To be honest, I have nothing to get signed by Jeri. I am now thinking of getting something signed by her as a present for a friend, just to use up the voucher. I'd have rather used it for one of the cheaper guests on something for myself Am I making sense or is it only clear in my head?
  13. James, can I ask if you had any reply to your question?
  14. I met her at a cinema screening of the pilot of Defiance, she is so sweet! Tiny, even in heels
  15. Yes, he double booked with an American event, and chose to go there.
  16. My husband took this shot on Sunday. We both loved your cosplay!
  17. Thanks! Of course I would pay, I'm just glad I can get all of them at the same time
  18. I'll add an extra question then :) With a diamond pass, can you get more than the one guaranteed autograph? Or do you need a vq for that? I hope the first, as I would prefer to get my stuff signed at once instead of seperately, but I understand if it's the second. (I tried searching the forum for this, but wasn't getting specific enough threads, sorry...)
  19. I am Dutch. Stroopwafels are the best thing ever. So, I give those. Best reaction came from Dominic Keating, who was talking to a fan. I didn't want to disturb, so basically just put them on his table and sidled off. He spotted the packages, tells the fan "hang on a sec", turns to me, tells me he hasn't eaten anything all day, and these are so delicious and a lifesaver, rips open the package, practically inhales the first one and immediately starts on another and then continues talking to the fan. It was really funny, especially since Scott Bakula (whose queue I was actually in) was so intrgued by Dominic's reaction he wanted to know what I had given him. I give him a pack as well, he tried one and loved them too :) Almost everyone I know and all guests we have given them to loves them. Except for Guy Siner, he doesn't really have a sweettooth. I have also been known to bake and hand out those goodies, but that's not really an option in London.
  20. I've queued at 6, entered right after 9 (this was Collectormania a number of years ago) I've queued at 7.30, entered around 9.10 I've queued at 8.15, entered at 9.30 I think. That was last year, when the queue led us from the entrance around the bulding, winding through the car park, across the street to the back of the building. Latest I have ever queued (ok, we kind of mistook how long it would take to get to the venue and what time it already was), latest I have ever gotten in. Still got all VQs needed and all autographs on my list, but going three full days helped a lot there.
  21. Well, it depends what you read into "see". For some people, the talks are the highlight, and there are a lot of those after 12. A lot of photoshoots will be later in the day too, giving more opportunity for people who prefer those to getting autographs. I do agree that the chances of getting autographs are pretty steep for some guests with a late entry ticket.
  22. IT WORKED! Ok, I found out that the system requires a County to be filled in. We don't have those in the Netherlands, so I added the province instead, and then it finally worked. Strange thing is that it doesn't tell you that that is what is missing, nor is it a required field earlier on in the process. Well, I'm coming to London (again)! BTW: it was Visa and Mastercard, I only have Maestro on my debit. And that is why I can't top up my oystercard anymore without extra charges from my bank, as their machines don't accept Maestro.
  23. Is anyone else having problems? I've tried 2 creditcards to pay my order, but even though the data is all correct and there is enough balance, the payment isn't going through. It just says: There's a problem processing your payment. Try another payment method. Anyone have any ideas? Don't tell me Brexit has made it impossible to pay with a Dutch creditcard, I will start to cry.
  24. Nice to see that the prices match what is being asked in the UK. Very readonable so far, though I expect there will be enough guests to make my wallet hurt anyway
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