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  1. Bump into her at milton keynes well made a bee line for her. She was nice as pie (see result on flickrdotcom under user starfighter101 ) must have been my daughters doing. Ask next time she can only bite your head off once which i hear she is capable of doing
  2. starfighter

    Saw 3

    I have seen all 4 movies now. (no spoilers to follow). if these had been made with less graphic deaths they would have been talked about a hell of alot more the storyline is by far one of the best written for a horror franchise in a long while. go watch saw 4
  3. i`m hoping its somebody really famous i don`t want to meet this would cut down the amount i have to spend and queing time. As i`m starting out at 3am saturday morning it could be a long day, especially if three great guests turn up. if you see someone asleep in a que give them a poke it could be me. You know show masters will pull something out of the bag they always do.
  4. Claudia will sign Playboy she signed mine on the cover then inside. you need to look for october 1999. sorry posted this twice somehow
  5. Claudia will sign Playboy she signed mine on the cover then inside. you need to look for october 1999.
  6. I must say a big thanks to Julie Caitlin Brown she wasn`t even a guest this year, but acting as an agent, but she found the time to pose for a photo with my daughter then sign it later on in the day after. As for the rest of the offical guests i met. They were all great my daughter even got a jelly baby of Tom Baker. Showmasters if you get in touch with her again please pass on my thanks .
  7. i think thats were the problem lies. people see the film read the trade paperback. Not read the comic then watch the film. I not saying everyone does that, but my local shops are stocking more and more trades. If you don`t put in a standing order or advanced order you have a great chance on missing out on the wider world of comics. Film like the above have no doubt brought in more custom, but not the right type. They don`t want to spend a year to get a couple of stories when they can get it in one hit. jusy my view anyway.
  8. Ok i can`t be the only one out there who collects comics in fact i know i`m not as i saw a few at a local mart on saturday, but is it me or is the back issue market in decline. in a 9 mile radius from where i live i have 4 comic shops to go to. None stock back issues more than 3 month old. If i`m lucky i may find a box stuck in a corner that is gathering dust to look through. Anybody else finding the same problem.
  9. I normal spend as little as possible. More interested in taking photos. Until this one my little girl is big into Dr who and Harry potter so the bill is starting to climb. It`s not to bad though used to go to (shout at me if you want for saying the name) ***** trouble is to get in park and food you are looking at £60. So i spend a fiver more on fuel and go to Collectormania free entry free parking so thats £55 for me to spend on autos for my little girl.
  10. Only one guest for me Clive Barker. Can`t see it though.
  11. Met him at the Babylon 5 con a few years ago at blackpool, yes the one when Claudia quit. He had time for eveyone except my other half i think she up set him when she asked for his wifes autograph and not his. He got over it though. Must admit he looked like Chekov when he was sat behind the table signing.
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