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  1. LOL - I love it Davey!! Thanks for doing them for us
  2. I got mine this morning! I am so happy, thanks for sending them all out so quickly guys, really apprecaited. x
  3. Well I was near the front so it was before all the stress started Ahhh it's lovely You must be so pleased. Can't wait for mine!!!
  4. I actually got to work late today as I waited at home for the postman!! ha ha ha, still no pic for me but I am hopefully for tomorrow. Glad everyone is receiving and liking theirs
  5. I hear you! I am hoping by the week-end, but if not, hey, it'll come when it comes, I like having something to rush home excited about! ha ha ha
  6. Well that's just wrong! For whatever reason, because you send the photo tickets out, I imagined you sitting there posting the photos out too! Jola should have been priority for doing all the sending out for us all!!
  7. vbloyce

    A week ago?

    It seems like soooo long to me!! I can't believe it was only a week and a bit!! *sighs* hopefully they'll be something else to look forward to soon
  8. YEY - they are heading our way Excellent job, thanks everyone who has done this so quickly, can't wait to get mine
  9. vbloyce

    LFACC 07 Photos Thread

    Has anyone told you you look like Chloe from Smallville? Great photos :-) Thanks Peeka - no, noone has ever said that. I don't watch Smallville so might have to go and research now! hee hee
  10. I didn't get a reply but to be honest I wasn't expecting to. I don't think they can reply to everyone who sent one, just get the photos sent. x
  11. I was wondering also if anyone had their photos yet!! hee hee, just too damn excited!!!
  12. vbloyce

    Adrian Pasdar

    Do you have a link or is it top secret? This is Adrian's account and the videos are fab! x http://www.youtube.com/user/buckshotwon
  13. Yeah! Two girls and a sheep! He is a cow, not a sheep and hey I've got moo with everyone else, not like it's new ^__^ Woulda gotten one of the guys to hold him, but it was such a rush we didn't. Ahhhh I see it - Moo is lovely, that's a cool idea to get him in the shots
  14. I think I see you although there's a few greens in there. Looks fine. The Rocky Balboa poster guy still gives me a chuckle. And, someone brought their stuffed sheep in for their photo?! Stuffed sheep??? Seriously??? I'm gonna have to go back and have a look!!
  15. vbloyce

    LFACC 07 Photos Thread

    Yeah, I really never realised how absolutely tiny she is, even with those other heels on! She must stand on a box in the show, or Jack is crouching!! ha ha ha ha