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  1. Overall a great show guys - well done! Great to see Al Bean such a popular guest and thoroughly deserved as he wanted to chat to each guest and ensure everyone had what they wanted from him. However on occasions the queue for him was nearly an hour long and this was primarily due to other "dealers" getting up to 50 items signed in one go. Please, in future, can you impose a limit of, say, 10 items in one go for anyone in the queue - after all, if thye want more items signed, they can just go to the back and queue again. But it's not fair or welcome to force all the other guests to queue for so long and this was not well organised on this occasion. Best guests? In my opinion this was Hoot Gibson & Rhea Seddon who were very gracious and enthusiastic with all the guests. Really hope you can persuade them to come back in a few year's time. Greg Johnson was also extremely popular and another great guest as were the SR-71 guys - as always. One final request - please can we have some cosmonauts back? They were a terrific addition in previous years and I'm sure Dave Shayler could help arrange some repeat visits. Roll on the next show!
  2. Can you confirm if Buzz will have a credit card machine available at his desk, as previously? Thanks.
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