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  1. We just wanted to share our pictures as they come in and say thank you to everyone who stopped, said hi, donated or shopped at the stall last weekend. We cannot do have the things we do to raise money and support for our injured armed forces with out you. Also a massive thank you to Showmasters for all their support and patience with our work :) http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.480945641938084.111781.100000679567830&type=1
  2. Hi I hate to say this your MASH pic is not John. John Plays Painless Pole, the best equipped Dentist. He trys to kill himself in the film and the boys fix him
  3. Your more than welcome to friend me mate. I think the costume was put on around 10:30, I was over waiting to get David Tennant done and out of the way for the day
  4. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2...8390&type=1 a few from the Help for Heroes tables and supporters
  5. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2...8390&type=1 A few photos from the weekend
  6. Well i for one thank you for looking, it was great just be able to share the word and chat to people £2237 raised in total for Help for Heroes this weekend, that blows my orginal wish of £500 well out of the water! A massive thankyou to everyone who bought items, donated change, had photos with Hero Bear and supported us over the last 2 and a half years
  7. Hi Echo Im gald you found me on my travels, before i was undercover. I can tell you guys that Superman has nothing on me for the speed in which i got out of my awesome Bear suit and in to jeans and jumper. Believe it or not it was frezzing in the hall outside of the suit. Yes we were the guys who had Sean Barrett for the hour, he was very impressed at the show, especially atmosphere with all the people in costumes. Sean passed his thanks on to everyone beofre he left and I hope those who met him enjoyed it as much as me. :) hells childe 17 I have Facebook, two to be honest :) One is Harry Hero Bear, a facebook that is done by a very unique Hero Bear who is very adventurous and has got me in to many wonderful ventures. It was because of him we got a lot of the autographs including Tom Gun and Big trouble In Little China. http://www.facebook.com/Phant0mACE Thats me, Im Steve :)
  8. Cheers Firecracker, I was drinking like crazy plus the buzz of doing something like that for h4H keep me going :)
  9. I wanted to have a chat with the guy in the Help for Heroes teddy costume to say firstly well done for doing what he was for a great cause and probably get him a drink. How he didnt pass out wearing that I dont know. (Well done to Showmasters again for supporting worthy causes and letting them and us all attend). Cheers mate, i cant even think how I keep going, but it was brilliant getting to room round in such an awesome suit making people smile :)
  10. I must admit it was awesome the response we got from fans and celeb a like to our work and especially Eve., for her concern for me in the Bear suit :) I was very touched
  11. I meet you guys last year at MK, cheers for the picture with my Hero Bear. It made for a great story in his book :)
  12. Ive met Robert before and he has charged a £5 for book and throws the auto in for free. Very nice guy and you'll enjoy meeting him
  13. Your asking the good question mate, Oh if its of interest there are 7 BOB actors appearing on stage from now. Jonjo O'neill is at Hampstead and finishes next sat though
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