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  1. If there's no demand then it won't happen Sadly, the deathly silence from the organisers tells it's own story. I'd hoped for the events loyal customers, some transparency, maybe an official statement confirming it's demise, but alas, no...
  2. Agreed. Maybe a little transparency would be nice. It would certainly be appreciated by many Autographica fans & past attendees. If it has been scrapped/abandoned without any intention of bringing it back for the foreseeable, fair enough, but would it hurt to let us know?
  3. Disappointing. Hopefully this delay will make for an impressive guest list in 2017
  4. the last surviving cast member from 'Brief Encounter', Margaret Barton.
  5. highly ambitious, I know, but how about Astronaut siblings Mark & Scott Kelly ?
  6. a generous sprinkling of Shuttle folk , please!
  7. Excellent to see the event is now confirmed. Bring it on.
  8. Leacroft


    Would appreciate some clarification as to whether Autographica 2016 has been binned or not. Patrons would like some transparency. Kind regards.
  9. Thank you for a very enjoyable 2-3 hours earlier today. George Johnson was the gentleman & legend that I had anticipated him to be. After 2-3 recent near-misses it was wonderful to finally meet this extraordinary man. Rick Searfoss was a delight. It was a thrill to get his signature on my shuttle collage. A shame that there were only 2 Shuttle Astro's in attendance. In previous years there have been 3,4 & even 5 Shuttle guests in attendance. Am I being greedy? I think not. Diminishing returns for Space Shuttle fans? This year, certainly. More please, next time, Autographica. Good to see wristbands being checked on a regular basis. At previous Autographica's I've felt aggrieved at ponying up for an entry ticket when countless others clearly haven't. It appears this issue has been finally resolved. Good news. Best wishes for Sunday & for securing some great guests for the next Autographica event. Kind regards.
  10. Shuttle flyers are a tad thin on the ground, this year. Any chance of 1 or 2 more, at this late stage?
  11. such a shame. Best wishes to Mr Mitchell for a speedy recovery.
  12. Disappointing but understandable. Becoming a victim of your own success. Headaches are just starting for us punters, though. Major engineering works are planned on the railway line into Brighton that weekend....
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