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  1. Not done a photo op before, is it £5 to have a picture taken with my own camera, or £5 for a print and then I have to buy the jpeg online later?
  2. Do you think he'll have a problem signing unofficial stuff? I'm looking at several prints but none of them are actually made by Marvel. I'd love to get one signed but won't bother ordering if I can't get one singed. Thanks
  3. Redbubble, there's 1000s of designs for posters, tshirts etc. A lot of it is to my taste, I love alternative movie posters and something a bit different from the usual headshots etc. http://www.redbubble.com/people/buckyj/works/11046920-gustavo-fring-russian-propaganda-poster?p=photographic-print
  4. Thanks all, that's set my plan in motion.
  5. Hi all, this will be my first LFCC and my first Showmasters event for a few years and I'm wondering how busy things will be on the Sunday? I'm coming by train and stopping over on the Saturday night but won't be able to get to the venue until lunchtime on the Saturday, by which time I'm presuming the virtual queues for Stan Lee & Giancarlo Esposito, and the others I want to see will be massive or sold out. Instead of going on Saturday and getting the train back on Sunday morning, I'm thinking of going to the con on Sunday morning and getting a later train back. Do you think that if I get there for when the doors open on the Sunday I'll be able to get my Stan Lee & Giancarlo Esposito autographs fairly early? I remember nearly missing my train home from Collectormania once as I had underestimated how long it would take for my number to be called. Thanks for your help!
  6. I'm not plugging this site, have nothing to do with it, but they have tonnes of cool art prints which I'm currently trawling through. Gonna bag me something for Stan to sign and something Breaking Bad themed for Giancarlo Esposito. http://www.redbubble.com/shop/marvel+photographic-prints?ref=explore_product_refinement
  7. Quoasis


  8. Does this photo make anyone else feel old? Good guest guys!
  9. I've just checked the website but it doesn't give any signing days, will Natalia be there on the Sunday?
  10. How about getting some spooks guests in? They're all British so it could happen, plus I think they'd be really popular given the strength of the show.
  11. Is it just me or is Hayden in EXACTLY the same pose in every shot? You sure it's not a cardboard cut-out???
  12. We were first in the queue after lunch and he personalised our autograph, talking to the staff whilst waiting they were telling us he'd been "too" nice during the day, chatting too much and writing too much on the photos causing a backlog so you shoule be ok today.
  13. I'm not gonna give loads of details, more of a bite-sized overview. = Got up at 6 to travel from Telford (Shropshire) with my sister, got dropped off at Nothampton station because someone decided to get hit by a train at MK station. No-one from the rail firms had a clue so we decided to split a cab with 2 others. £30! Got there late = Went straight to get a ticket for Brandon Routh, ended up being almost 800th in the queue so we were in for a wait. = Found the Simpsons original art I wanted to be there after seeing it last time. Got 2 cracking pieces (one Homer, one Milhouse) which will take pride of place over my PC. = My sister got a brilliant chunky 24 hoody and I was hmmmmming and ahhhhhhing about getting a CTU man-bag but I'll save it for another day. = Eventually got to meet Brandon Routh, we were the first to see him after his lunch, really nice guy, my sister went a bit weak at the knees when we met him. I've met Superman!!! He said I had big hands!!!! Superman thinks MY hands are big!!! Anyway just wanted to say thanks to SM for putting on another great event (especially Donna, cheers for your help) and bring on October!
  14. Last Collectormania there was a stall selling original Simpsons art for around £20 each. I promised myself I'd go back before I left but had to dash for a train and completely forgot about it. I saw some similar stuff being sold at a recent event in Birmingham but it was big Fox branded stuff for around £100 which is out of my league. My question is in 2 parts: 1) Do you know who I'm on about and if they will be back in May? 2) If not, do you know if they have a website?
  15. Final guest suggestion for the day, it'd be mega to get some more Simpsons guests, meeting Marcia Wallace was brilliant last time. The autograph takes pride of place in my living room and having a couple more to go with it would be brilliant.
  16. As I'm in the mood for suggesting guests, what are the chances of getting ex oasis members for the music event? I know there's no chance of current members but there could be a chance of booking Guigsy, Bonehead & Tony McCarroll. Any opinions?
  17. You know, British Bulldog, Hacksaw Jim, Million Dollar Man, Jake The Snake (or is he in prison?) Texas Tornado etc etc etc. Anyone from that era would be cool, can't see them being that hard to get as I don't know of any of them being that busy with WWE/films etc.
  18. I've registered after years of only reading to ask if it's possible to request the man, the myth the legend that is. MURRAY WALKER!!! I know he's not a sportsman but he's as much of an icon as any formula one driver, I'd gladly pay through the nose to meet him. PS I'm presuming Gazza will be banging your door down to get a seat at a signing table at this event, he's a right moody git who charges way too much as I know from previous experiences at an event like this!
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