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    Amy Acker - Cancellation

    Are there plans to try and get a replacement? - I see it wasn't mentioned in the announcement of the cancellation? Like others have pointed out - the other headliner is sponsored so it would be nice to know that attempts were being made to get someone else.
  2. thedothatgirl

    Latest Guest Announcement - KRISTINE SUTHERLAND

    Lovely! It's been a long time since she appeared in the UK. Ok so now I'm going to have to buy a ticket.
  3. thedothatgirl


    I'd like more than four guests all weekend. These are those I've not met but would like to: Harry Groener Seth Green Alyson Hannigan Marc Blucas Michelle Trachtenberg Sarah Michelle Gellar Gina Torres D B Woodside Charlie Webber Leonard Roberts Bailey Chase Lindsay Crouse Camden Toy Jeff Kober Andy Umberger Jeff Rickets Olivia Williams Neil Patrick Harris Alexa Davalos Julia Lee Jack Conley Laurel Holloman Sam Anderson Harry Lennix Reed Diamond Mo Tancharoen Any of the writers such as Jane Espenson, David Fury etc or stunt/crew who usually have great stories. And even though I have met the following I'd like to see them once more (with feeling) Alexis Denisof Eliza Dushku Nathan Fillion Kristine Sutherland Enver Gjokai Elisabeth Rohm
  4. thedothatgirl


    At least six guests...
  5. thedothatgirl

    Latest Guest Announcement - ANTHONY HEAD

    Great that Tony can make it, but I am a little disappointed that it is just the Saturday - he had to leave early last time and he's just too much fun to be rationed.
  6. thedothatgirl

    Latest Guest Announcement - PHINA ORUCHE

    Good news about Phina - shame we can get her and ASH on a stage together though.
  7. thedothatgirl

    Guest Cancellation - Sean Maher

    Oh well and I had so many Much Ado questions lined up for him. I guess I'll be asking Tony now why he couldn't make Much Ado as Leonato instead!
  8. thedothatgirl

    Latest Guest Announcement - SEAN MAHER

    If you've not seen Firefly I highly recommend it. There's only a few episodes so you'll be able to see them all before the convention plus Serenity the film.
  9. thedothatgirl

    Party Themes Announced! - ALL 3 NIGHTS!

    Umm Japanese?? Don't you mean Chinese - Dong Ma? Anyhow another guest and now the parties. We're on a roll.
  10. thedothatgirl

    Latest Guest Announcement - SEAN MAHER

    I'm very sorry his show was cancelled after only 3 episodes but delighted he can make it to Hallowhedon 3 - it will be great to see him again.
  11. thedothatgirl

    Am I the only saddo who.....

    It's a pretty poor show on the information front. If someone can't even let us know the party themes then I wonder what hope there is for more guests. Cannot see this event lasting past this year to be honest. Which is a shame.
  12. thedothatgirl

    Am I the only saddo who.....

    I think we do need updates. Can't expect to sell tickets or help with promotion if there's only three guests announced with only 6 weeks to go. Announcements and guests don't appear to be an issue with signings this year or other cons. It's sad but I'd rather they held these every other year and get a bigger guest list than try and do one each year and 'hope for the best'. Just imo
  13. thedothatgirl

    NEW Hallowhedon Website

    Nice new site - how about some new guest info then for us to really get excited? We've only got about 6 weeks.
  14. thedothatgirl

    Picture Post

    Just a few from mine - if I get a chance I'll post a few more. Struggling with red eye and yellow lighting Great event Showmasters !
  15. thedothatgirl

    Anyone Going alone?

    Going on my own this year, my convention running buddy has just had twins so she has her hands full.