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    Will there be an autographica 2018

    I really do hope so as I love this event...... Or maybe just do a Space event with Astronauts????
  2. Worcestergooner

    Latest Sports Guest Announcement - NIGEL BENN

    Nigel has a new book out in February will he be bringing any with him do you know?
  3. Worcestergooner

    Guest suggestions

    I would love more Astronauts also, and Felix Baumgartner
  4. Worcestergooner

    Latest Guest Announcement - CHARLIE WALKER

    Fantastic news more more
  5. Worcestergooner

    Latest Guest Announcement - KEN CAMERON

    Fantastic...More More More please
  6. Worcestergooner

    Latest Guest Announcement - NIGEL BENN

    Been waiting for Nigel for some time so get in there.....
  7. Worcestergooner


    This is my favourite show of them all........
  8. Worcestergooner

    Guest announcement Al Worden Apollo 15 Command module pilot

    Will Al be selling copies of his book? (Hardback preferred)
  9. Worcestergooner

    Guest Suggestions

    How about felix Baumgartner?
  10. Worcestergooner

    Latest Guest Announcement - GEORGE JOHNNY JOHNSON

    Such a great man. Any chance of getting Geoffrey Wellum now?
  11. Worcestergooner

    Latest Guest Announcement - RUSTY SCHWEICKART

    Get in.......
  12. Worcestergooner

    A weekend with Jerry Ross April 17-18th 2015 at the Radisson

    Ignore last post just found one
  13. Worcestergooner

    A weekend with Jerry Ross April 17-18th 2015 at the Radisson

    Is there a website about this event? as I can not find one, need more info like times address etc.
  14. WooHoo keep them coming