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  1. I really do hope so as I love this event...... Or maybe just do a Space event with Astronauts????
  2. Nigel has a new book out in February will he be bringing any with him do you know?
  3. I would love more Astronauts also, and Felix Baumgartner
  4. Been waiting for Nigel for some time so get in there.....
  5. This is my favourite show of them all........
  6. Such a great man. Any chance of getting Geoffrey Wellum now?
  7. Is there a website about this event? as I can not find one, need more info like times address etc.
  8. Any chance of some other Shuttle astronauts to complement this event?
  9. Hey Leacroft have you any pics of your Shuttle canvas? I am looking at getting one, what size is yours and where did you get it? Thanks
  10. I loved this programme, Yes please get the cast of Breaking bad
  11. Thanks for the info about Autobiographies. I have a few I want to get signed so pleased it's the cheaper option.
  12. Price for an Item is dearer does this include getting their Autobiography signed or does this come under Auto price?
  13. Give £100 Million to Arsene Wenger to buy a decent Goalkeeper
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