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  1. OOOh yes, more Maisie. Jon Snow Jon Snow Jon Snow please :) And Rob Stark. and JON SNOW!
  2. I asked him if he would recreate the strip from Detriot Rock City for us. He said he would if we gave him enough booze. My friend asked about when he had to film scenes stood in a hole after his growth spurt in T2, and he said James Cameron told him off after his first scene because he had put chapstick on and it was showing up in the shot. I love that guy <3
  3. Hello :) How gorgeous and lovely was Noah? My friend and I gave him a cupcake with a pic of Falcor on, we were so giddy we forgot to take any pics. There were a couple of people waiting who DID get pics of him and the cake, if you're on here please make yourself known :) thanks xx
  4. YES! Thank you, thank you! Linda was absolutely gorgeous, I saw her 3 times - my photo, my autograph and then later on pushing a lady in a wheelchair, and she remembered me and my friend. So cute. Sarah Connor is my idol, and to find out that the actress behind her is so lovely has made me super happy :)
  5. That's brilliant, thanks so much. I want a picture of Linda with me and my friend, I understood that we could be in the same picture and get 2 pics, but as long as we have a ticket each. I'm so excited!! :) I have a t2 tattoo, I was considering getting my arm signed and getting that tattooed over, but I think maybe I'd like a signed photo instead. Easier to frame :)
  6. Hiya :) I have booked one ticket for Linda Hamilton photoshoot for Sunday, with the intention of buying another for my friend on my payday. Sadly for me, payday came after the online shop closed. I won't be getting to the venue til about 10.30 Sunday, do you think it will be a problem buying one?? If I hand over 20.00 with a nice smiley face, do you think they can print 2 photos without hassle? I'm scared (but excited :) ) thanks xx
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