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  1. oh of course! sorry, have been lacking internet connection for a while, and received my times via my blackberry but couldn't download the attachment due to the size, am on a laptop now so I'll read up! thankyou :)
  2. Hey all, Well I'm crewing at CM16 and need to be there for 7am on Saturday, 7:30am on Sunday and 7:30am on Monday. If anyone's travelling up on these days for these times, if you have a spare seat in the car I would be more than grateful if I could hop in with you, as public transport really isn't that reliable. Kegan x
  3. Hello both of you :G are you attending cm16? :)
  4. Hi, I'm Kegan & I'm eighteen, still young at heart though and i'll be crewing at cm16! come say hi :) x
  5. Well I'm crewing this may at cm16, hope to see you all there! :)
  6. Also, When I mean paid, I heard we get £40 per day we are working to reimburse us for travel costs etc. Is that correct? gosh, i'm so confused
  7. I'm Kegan, I wouldn't be surprised If everyone had completely forgotten me Anyway I'm crewing this year, May. And it's my first time. Is It volunteer work, or is it paid? And where does everyone meet in the morning on saturday :/ I hate being a new guy! well, girl.
  8. Hello, I'm Kegan :) People tend to call me Keegs, Keggers, Keg, Kev, Kevin, Lil. Call me anything, It doesn't bother me really Well, Many of you may remember me as "Bradley's Cousin", I used to be called :babybuffness: on here. Don't ask, I went through a "Gangstah" phase. I'm eighteen now. And im crewing this may! And to be fair, im absolutely terrified! So any tips would be very welcome :) The only people I really know on here are Shabs (If he's still on here) and DavidB. If any of you remember me, don't hesitate to BBM or MSN me. Or Facebook me, My name on there is Kegan Hearn Or ask for my number and text me. See you all in may! :) Some extremely arrogant looking but recent photo's of me. I'm harmless really, don't let the posing fool you. I tend to look like a duck when I pose, but that's not me attempting "duckface" I just have big lips :G & Some old ones, from old collectormania's! Hope to see you all very soon! x
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