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  1. I wrote quite an extensive feedback regarding Ray park and his lack of professionalism and showmasters decided no to put it on the forum????? A explanation would be nice
  2. admiral u can get aids autograph just go see the bad sheppards he signs after the show and he does photos thanks dude, im keeping an eye for a gig near me. ta!!
  3. How cool would be to get del boy & rodney and all the others for a reunion
  4. What about some of the voice actors of the simpsons / Family guy, would be great to meet those guys there both long running shows and im sure there are loads of people who would love to meet them.
  5. I'd love to see ben Burtt, im sure countless other people would too! need i say more!!! Admiral
  6. How about rik mayall aide edmondson / nigel planner etc.... for a appearence im sure many people would love to meet these greats! Admiral
  7. Im after him too! his also in shaun of the dead! Skylover did you get ewan?
  8. with Daniel logan (Young BOBA) doing Collectormania 16, it would be really cool to have Temuera Morrison who played his dad. i know he did an event a few years ago plus they spend alot of time together in AOTC.
  9. How about a reunion of rik mayall and adrian edmondson, bottom was a fantastic show, plus Rik also done drop dead fred and blackadder, adrian done all the casualty stuff. they could even do a talk, it would be so funny.
  10. It would be great to see some of the voice characters from the Simpsons i think they just hit a 20 year anniversary
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