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  1. snakequeen

    It's time to update your details!

    I have moved since buying my tickets but im not sure what address i put down. Is it the address that is on my account in the shop? Hope that makes sense
  2. snakequeen

    any male's attending?

    My partner is coming with me again so he wont be alone, there are quite a few men that attend :-)
  3. snakequeen

    Address Change?

    Thanks for your help
  4. snakequeen

    Address Change?

    Hi there I have recently moved and need to change my address for when the confirmation letters get sent out How do i do this please???? Thanks in advance Eve x
  5. snakequeen

    Proposal pics

    If any one has any pics of the proposal cauld you either upload them or let me know cos i would love to have copies of them Thanks
  6. snakequeen

    Eternal Twilight 8

    Got my tickets and hotel sorted wooo hooo, roll on october, cant wait! Shame its the last one tho
  7. snakequeen

    Photo prices

    What are the prices for the photo shoots?? Sorry if it says somewhere but i cant find it
  8. snakequeen

    Guest Cancellation - Alex Meraz

    Absolutely Gutted !!!
  9. snakequeen


    Thanks Too Tall, you are a star :) Sam yeah im coming wooo hooo, cant wait to see you all again its been way too long xxxx
  10. snakequeen


    Thanks again David, you have been a big help :)
  11. snakequeen


    ok thanks David Will they say on here if they are sold out as i dont fancy driving 100 miles to find i cant get a ticket?
  12. snakequeen


    I was just wondering if i can buy tickets there or do i need to buy in advance? I didnt think i was able to come untill today but now i can woo hoo I will only be going standard Oh yeah and i wont be getting there till first thing saturday morning
  13. snakequeen

    ET7 Hotel Code

    There should be at least one left as i just cancelled my room today
  14. snakequeen

    Twue Bwud

    Love it, real funny "Snookie"
  15. snakequeen

    Deluxe Twin Room Available

    They wont let you transfer to anyone else, you need to cancel it