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  1. Hehe I cant wait for the premiere its gonna be brilliant :-D theres also some more new characters - Lucy, Carl, Saul and Hugh - I'm wondering if any of those actors will be at the convention? Carl is played by Steve John Shepherd who is great so that'd be cool.
  2. nuns and werewolves...theres two words you're always hearing in the same sentance lol
  3. Haha really? Might not be me - I have a different username on the blog but yeah I am a serious fan lol this is the first show I've ever been a huge huge fan of - never joined a blog or fansites or anything before so yeah its BH's fault that Im now a total geek lol but its worth it :-) x
  4. I think now with the screening...might even be less likely - another chance we have to meet the cast - and see the first episode of the second series a few days before the general public :-D :-D :-D sorry bad for convention I guess but awesome for the bloggers lol I cannae wait But again - its the fact that the guys at BH are so good to the fans so theres a few official things organised for us - like i said before something out of the conventions organisers control :-S
  5. I think the thing that differentiates Sci Fi fans from fans of any other genre film or TV show, is the passion. We are the most passionate fans around! You don't really get forums of Coronation Street fans bitching about how rubbish Eastenders is and vica versa! Whilst that can be good, there is also a negative aspect that you touched upon. That said, it rarely leads to bloodshed! I have seen LOTS of people dressed up as characters, literally hundreds if not thousands at the events I've been to. I actually have an admiration for them, not only are they brave enough to wear stuff in public, but they're also often very creative and the costumes are cool! (You should have a look around this forum to the past events pages and have a look at some of the pictures of the costumes!) Oops sorry didnt realise you guys did that...didnt mean to offend anyone :-S sorry...I'm just gonna try and dig myself out of this hole I'm in now...
  6. I dont get all this "getting shot down by other fanbases" - stuff like this is the reason that people like me never got into the sci fi stuff (until BH kinda converted me and now I watch torchwood too!) its like the mafia lol at the end of the day its just a tv show - a very good one - but im not gonna not like someone just because they dont like it lol or they like a rival show - thats nuts! I read these fan forums and stuff and sometimes cant help think...its just tv you know? Yeah ive met the cast and they're lovely and very patient with people who are completely mad on it and turn up in sodding costumes and stuff (no joke a few people actually did that!!) but at the end of the day they know its just a program - they're the ones who are actually in it, who's career depends on people liking it and even they dont take it as serious as some of the fans lol.
  7. Just have to poke my nose in and say Being Human is way better than supernatural...that is all :-)
  8. Think you've hit the nail on the head there :-) The other factor though, is that those screenings are really small, they don't get many people going to them, because they fill up so quick. Yeah exactly :-) I understand that theres a lot of fans but if we have the chance to go to the smaller more intimate get longer with the cast ones for a tenth of the price we're gonna :-P thats nothing against the organisers just that being human are so good to their fans (yay :-)) that there just isnt as much call for this kinda thing as for maybe torchwood and the american shows and stuff.
  9. Think you've hit the nail on the head there :-)
  10. sp*Aidan :-) I only mention it because I'm Irish and have a friend with the Irish spelling aswell lol felt I should point it out :-P but for me its the money side im afraid x
  11. no worries :-) we usually get a new video sometime on a friday afternoon - then extra ones throughout the week if we're lucky but they wrap tomorrow so might not be much more behind the scenes stuff. There are interviews with all the cast to come - theyre just being edited and also 2 new prequels and a few behind the scenes things hopefully :-)
  12. www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/beinghuman Theres some brilliant stuff on there - and Toby's always bigging us up hehe :-) he likes the bloggers - said we were "polite" the other day - you may not agree when you've read some of it lol most of our input is a load of rubbish to be honest but the team give us some great behind the scenes stuff :-)
  13. Hi there - no there isnt an official forum to accompany the blog but if you look at all the comments its moslty us lot nattering lol we do try to be constructive...honest :-) I do understand they have to make their money - I just wanted to tell them that its not that they've done anything wrong it does sound brilliant - didnt want them feeling bad about it or anything because I know theres a lot of people who would love to go. The bafta thing was brilliant can't wait for the next one in January. Hopefully I might get to go to this convention too - if I win the lottery I might even get a silver one and go for the photos and stuff too hehe :-) Oh and thanks for the offer of answering questions :-) I really dont know what Im talking about to be honest the only things I've been to was the mayhem thing on Halloween and 1 book signing last month - so I'm pretty knew to the whole mega fan thing :-P I want to work in TV you see so spend quite a bit of time on sets trying to be professional and doing as I'm told - it's always felt odd being on the other side of it but recently I've just thought why not?! :-)
  14. Yeah I know a lot of people are waiting for Aidan to be confirmed - met him few weeks ago he was lovely bless him :-) I think he will probably end up going unless he's busy working
  15. Just read through some of the previous posts and I agree that most of the fanbase "aren't the convention going type" lol most of us hadn't even signed up to a fan blog thing before - let alone go to conventions and stuff. Is there anyway of getting the price down? I think that really is the only issue as I said most of us arent really "convention-goers" so really we're being asked to fork out £70 for something where we dont really know what to expect :-S Oh and cant believe someone from America is actually flying over for this! That is pretty cool you must be dedicated :-D
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