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    Latest Guest Announcement - DANIEL CUDMORE

    **imagines Too Tall on stilts....** Haha! Love that Daniel's going to be at another convention, now to find 8 months worth of tranquilisers for Hpsauce89 to keep her calm until ET8! Well then you probably should have gone and borrowed some Horse tranquilisers from those people at the hotel earlier because that might have been the only thing that could come close to achieving such a feat!!
  2. HPSauce89

    Latest Guest Announcement - DANIEL CUDMORE

    This man is god-like! I cannot wait to meet him again!!
  3. HPSauce89

    Hotel difficulties - help?

    I heard from someone that the hotel were reluctant to release executive rooms at the con rate due to the amount of convention goers that ended up in the exec lounge over the weekend, perhaps there have been some wires crossed between the staff members?
  4. HPSauce89

    Best Memories from ET events?

    Honestly I don't think she remembers I even have it you can have a turn if you want! It's folded in the corner of my room at the moment. I'm still sans wardrobe and the piles of clothes don't leave much room for it haha i don't think you actually went down without shoes in the end ooh ooh and how could I forget another fave memory of ET5, a certain Miss Claire offering to ask the concierge for a box of extra large condoms for us to meet the rather insane ransom demand! We didn't actually get round to it in the end though sadly
  5. HPSauce89

    Best Memories from ET events?

    JenJen23 stop you're gonna make me cry!! lmao I doubt many people would consider me the quiet scouser anymore Okies...favourite memories... ET2 - Basically all of it, finally meeting people with common interests, having the opportunity to go absolutely mental without being judged and insulted lol it was a very liberating weekend! (Some of you may have spotted a mental girl mimicking the dance moves of Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air, that might have been me after a drink or two ) Meeting two of the best friends I've ever had and being extremely grateful that I wasn't staying at The Grand which reminded me disturbingly of The Overlook Hotel from The Shining! ET3 - Chris Heyerdahl doing his Alistair lines from Supernatural was oddly thrilling for me Everyone cheering for Tinsel was awesome. The memory of watching Jamie and Charlie interact made me giggle for weeks afterwards 'I jest my darling boy' lmao and I also vividly remember sitting with JenJen23 and realising we were late for Jamie's talk, it actually pops into my head now on the rare occasion I actually drink tea I can picture Jen stirring her brew and looking at the schedule before practically knocking the cup over when she realised what we were missing and trying to run out of the room without her shoes ET4 - Throwing ourselves down the halls of the Hilton swishing our cloaks and discussing whether I'd be a bigamist if it meant I got both of the Salvatore brothers before realising that we were walking right past Julia Jones texting on her phone, she looked rather amused! Also filming How To Be a Vampire Part 1 as previously mentioned by Jenny and spinning in circles so much I almost collided with the wall in my dizziness. Dancing like an absolute maniac at the Native American party despite knowing that Gil and Chaske were sitting about 2 feet away and realising I didn't actually care. (JenJen23 you are in complete denile if you're trying to say you were unaware of their presence lmao) Meeting Susie at the train station on the way home was also highly memorable, finally somebody who drooled over men as much as I! ET5 - Every single moment! In particular Daniel Cudmore telling me I looked beautiful in my fairy costume carrying around a farmyard of cuddly toys at the slumber party, dancing with Bill Tangredi and watching Michael Welch strutting his stuff on the dance floor! Kidnapping plots and rescue missions, secret knocks and passwords, It was like being a little kid again, probably the best ET so far! Oh and winning Daniels chair at the auction was a pretty exhilarating moment too Thanks ME you've given me the best memories of my life and the best friends a girl could ask for! ....which is why I don't complain about the cost of these weekends....because lets face it, who could put a price on that? Can't wait to see what ET6 brings P.S. sorry for the length of this everybody, I have a tendency to ramble when I'm happy!
  6. HPSauce89

    First timer to Eternal Twilight convention

    Hey Twilight Dreamer, feel free to add me on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2...amp;h=sAQBHj6Ox Just let me know who you are so I know to accept the friend request Can't wait to meet you
  7. HPSauce89

    First timer to Eternal Twilight convention

    What can I say? I was the shy retiring type back then, you guys have brought out the worst in me
  8. HPSauce89

    First timer to Eternal Twilight convention

    Ahem ahem, who was it you met first Jen?! Ahem ahem, Jealous much? OK to set the record straight...Jen recognised Rayray at the train station and I just happened to be there at the time Although I do owe massive thanks to you Rach for introducing me to the world of ET I take it you're coming to ET7?
  9. HPSauce89

    Does anyone know Rachel from the north?

    Oops looks like your listening skills might be fine. The Rachel I know has replied and said it's not her. SORRY!! Wish I could've helped...
  10. HPSauce89

    Does anyone know Rachel from the north?

    Hey everyone, Sorry I haven't been answering your messages. Been tied up in other things! Finally released the knot and got to a computer! ( I'm so sorry for the bad joke ). Anyhow, HPSauce89 seems to be bang on with Rachel's description, although I feel well and truly embarrassed that I thought she was from the north ( so my friends are right, I do need to work on my impressions! ). Ask if she remembers me and my Dad talking to her, she also had her friend with her aswell (with a gold pass) at the Sylvestor McCoy Que. Tell Rachel its Charlie, the one dressed as the Tenth Doctor (Never thought I would be saying that!). Best of Luck, and thanks for your help HP ( I can't believe the creator of HP sauce goes on this forum! Again, bad joke ) Chugs Haha don't be embarassed, we are technically the North West and class ourselves as Northerners I've sent Rachel a message to let her know you're looking for her on here, we're not exactly close though so not sure if or when she'll respond and don't wanna randomly give out her details without her permission Glad I could help though, I never come on the forums so it's even more bizarre that I came across your post!!
  11. HPSauce89

    Does anyone know Rachel from the north?

    If she was in her early 20s, average height and curvy with short brown hair and a fringe and she's from Liverpool, I might know who you're on about? Just randomly saw this post on the main page and thought I could help. You do need to provide a little more detail though If that sounds familiar let me know and I'll let her know where to find you
  12. HPSauce89

    First timer to Eternal Twilight convention

    Thank-you Jenjen23, im really buzzing to be part of ET6, can't believe i only just found out about Eternal Twilight conventions, so sad that I've already missed 5, it looks so much fun hopefully there will be more and more By the way has anyone had to leave leave directly after the last talks on Sunday as i have to get the train back on Sunday and i was thinking of leaving after the farewell ceremony, im just wondering roughly what time that ends as i have to book my train tickets, i need to make sure i have enough time to get out, collect my luggage out of the holdall and get to the train station, any ideas? Welcome to the twi-family You're going to have so much fun, that I can guarantee. The most attendees we've had so far is I think just shy of 800 (someone correct me if I'm really wrong) but there might be more this time considering we have a coveted Cullen attending but that's nothing to worry about, the crowds aren't as overwhelming as you'd imagine and the Hilton is pretty big so there's loads of room to spread out. We've had authors before and as far as I could tell, no real priority was given to people who bought their books at the event, the books were usually sold at a different table or in a different room and then you'd have to queue up like everybody else so don't see any problem bringing your own books with you, just remember something to protect them from a beating in your suitcase As for sunday night, the closing ceremony usually starts at around 7.30 and doesn't last very long at all, just a lot of thank you's from the organisers to the guests, attendees and crew and from the guests to the organisers, attendees and crew lol. If memory serves it's usually over by 8ish. (Anyone feel free to contradict or confirm this?) If you're dragging luggage it's about a 15 minute walk to the train station through the NEC or you can try and book the Hilton shuttle in advance from reception which is free, but since it's sunday night and a lot of people will be leaving there's a possibility of there being no room, so walking is a viable alternative. The guests do occasionally attend the chill out party, it depends entirely on the guest though and how comfortable they are mixing with the crowds, this is less of a problem than on other nights generally because lots of people will have gone home already. It also depends on whether or not the guest sticks around for the sunday night or leaves right after the closing ceremony. I hope I've been a little helpful. I promise you an amazing time! I came to ET2 as a lonesome twilight newbie and I can honestly say that through these cons I've met some of the best friends I've ever had!! Jenjen23 being one of them ooh and I almost forgot, at the end of the closing ceremony, they announce what guests they have lined up for the next ET event!!
  13. HPSauce89

    Any sign of extra Hilton Rooms?

    Not to mention possibly traumatic...
  14. HPSauce89

    Group F

    Hey, no worries, i have brown hair too, I'll be the squiffy brown wavy haired girl I'm Hannah btw, S49, will probs we sitting back in standard with my mate Jen though Charmedone, I would have made her sit alone too if Jackson or Kellan had come!
  15. Yay! finally managed to book mine 5 minutes ago with no problems, thank you SM!