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  1. Now. I'm not trying to be funny, however, you have contradicted yourself SM. You told me at one point that you try and get a varied amount of guests so that people see NEW people. Now if I'm correct, people will be be meeting Chaske for the 3RD time now. Also, how you said this will be the best convention yet. I highly doubt that, and I know for a fact people agree with me. I know people will say the convention is about making new friends and seeing friends you made at the previous cons, but I've been to one with a friend, and made NO friends. So the convention was about meeting people from the cast. i.e Peter&Alex. Now the four of us who booked will not be attending, as we are quite annoyed with all the cancellations and promises. Just would like to say. FAIL.
  2. guess we're missing partying with BooBoo. Such a shame eh. :')
  3. My friends are no longer coming, and have no hotel or room booked, and may be coming alone I'm 17, from Merseyside. I'm pretty shy but I get on with everyone I'd only need to stay the Friday and Saturday night I think so. Any spacee for meee =[
  4. The one we're on cost me £9, and Jen like £6? cos she's got a railcard. I'm getting the megabus back cos it's like a quid ^.^ When I looked last week it was like £35 return each for us, so I just left it and thought I would panic later haha. I said last time that I should have booked early and 'I failed again lol. I'll go check out the thread :) xx
  5. Well Hannah had already booked the premire inn, although shes cancelling that, so I'm kind of stuck without a room and travel =| And I don't think I do know anybody I'll check on Facebook though (: I don't mind being with people older than me, infact, i get on with them more so. I just thought you may not want somebody younger lingering round you ahha
  6. Hope soo. But you're all considerably older than me, so i may feel out of place What hotel is everybody staying at?
  7. I think you live pretty close to me too, don't you Plus I've met you ahha! You may not remember though, but I feel like I'm intruding on people, because everybody knows everyone. Noo I remember and yes wallasey village =] Of course you won't be intruding, seriously after like a day you will feel like you have known everyone for ages! Are you suree? D: I think I would enjoy it, I'd get to know more people if I'm not with friends.. I have you on Facebook I think, So I'll let you know if I persuade myself to come and Thank you (: LOL!!
  8. Not to mention, however unlikely it is, how hard would you kick yourself if you didn't go and point no. 25 happened? I have been really looking forward to this, I still want to go. It's just the matter of the hotel and getting down their, and not knowing were to go, or who to talk to D: ahha
  9. I think you live pretty close to me too, don't you Plus I've met you ahha! You may not remember though, but I feel like I'm intruding on people, because everybody knows everyone.
  10. I'm a shy 18 year old and this is my first con to which I'm going alone. Sure, I've been talking to people on twitter on facebook but I still technically don't know anyone (apart from the lovely people I met at the Eclipse premiere ) I must admit I was totally heartbroken when I found out Peter cancelled and wanted to just not bother going, but I'm still going as it seems like a waste. I'm sure you could find a roomie so you should still come! Don't waste it. It could be a fab weekend. I mayy doo. It's so scary though. ARGH Specially coming alone from New Brighton D: Depending on who the replacements are I may give it a go, or i may not I'm not looking forward to telling my mum i'm not going. She'll be like 'YES YOUR ARE YOURE NOT WASTING £90' hahaha
  11. I'll give it a thought :) I'm quite a shy 17 year old Basically, it's not a refund process, it's a 'resell' process .. so you would have to sell your ticket to someone else through it, rather than them just giving you your money back. If that makes sense .. AHHH. I see. Well. Lets hope then eh o.O
  12. There's definitely a possibility. There's still time, and the Twi cons are the most popular. Plus if they get a replacement or two, it might appeal to more people and sell better. So who knows. I wouldn't get your hopes up though. I knoww. I'll just cross my fingers So if all tickets sell out.. will i be able to get a refund?
  13. Do you think there a possibility that the tickets could sell out. I know you have no idea, but do they usually?
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