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  1. Oh my! What did I miss? When you say "guys". Who are you to referring to? All of us, or just a select few? I'm sorry if this annoys you or anything else, but it really is a sad day when all someone has to do is complain about a forum on the internet :/
  2. Dexter is pretty damn good. Dexter doesn't give me nightmares... he gives me good ideas. I now know the perfect way to dispose of a body without it being found. You disturb me sometimes....
  3. Are you serious???? For the love of gods why? They can't come soon enough for me. Ours start on Tuesday! Roll on Tuesday at 1pm! And why are you so keen? And Turtle, you've just confirmed my suspicions that Twilight fans are bloody nutters *looks at Vicky* well for the most part
  4. Oh hang on...7 weeks and a bit just had a check hehe. I refuse to take my kids to the cinema, I know fine well they wouldn't sit for any longer than half an hour. You have my deepest sympathies! Do Twilight fans scream at the screen and stuff, or at worse streak?
  5. School holidays begin tomorrow at 1pm. 8 weeks of terror will commence....I'm officially in hell
  6. I don't think so, although you should really ask cage and marty's opinions on that. Not that i go flashing my chebs to marty, I just know he notices these things Cools. Thought I'd ask as that free texting thingy sometimes doesn't get through.
  7. Hey Marty, did you get my text last night via the orange website ok? And cage, you need no NHS I can give you chebby hugs whenever....although I don't think it's working for your hayfever
  8. I liked it....although I mainly was letching over Christian Bale Although Batman Returns is my favourite. Solely for Michelle Pfieffer's Catwoman. I will do that costume one day.
  9. Ooooh! I want to see that! You think that's bad my 8 year old said "oooofties" yesterday
  10. That's why she's there to up the ratings That and to further her career to something better than channel 5. In other news I do not appreciate being woken up at 4am!! Gods knows how I managed to work out this morning.
  11. Kudos to my boyfriend for that. I was all for saving and buying one until he decided he was going to make one
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