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  1. AAAh, but will we see another one next year or will Celebration Europe get all the attention (and guests)??
  2. Can't everyone just put their toys back in their cots and let it go? If Ms Munroe were to read all this it might put her off ever coming back which is surely what we are all hopeing for??
  3. It would be cool if,for empire day 19, we could see all the guests which have pulled out of previous shows and have yet to attend a convention. Imagine a show with not only catherine Munroe but also Micheal Pennington and toby Longsworth. I think those three in their own right would pull a crowd.
  4. To add my ten pence worth, i think we should all be grateful for having this show. There is no other dedicated star wars only show that bring such varied guests. If you read cetain other forums our cousins in the states envy us because of the diversity of signers that we get. If show masters make a huge profit, good on them. Lets face it most of us wouldn't invest as much time or effort as i'm sure is involved, if we weren't going to get something out of it. Just be grateful we have a cool show to go to on sunday with six guests that none of us have met before. I think thats tops!!!
  5. You mean Toby Longworth and Margaret Towner. Yeah, sorry, could't quite remember their names off the top of my head.
  6. I'd like to see loads more rebel troopers. Does anyone know of any people that played the Endor soldiers? I've never seen one of them do a show. I'd also like to see Toby Longsworth (think that was his name) as he didn't show last time and also Margret Townsend, who played the market trader in EP1 i believe.
  7. With only a month to go are we going to see any more guests listed??
  8. Sounds like a cool idea. How about a display of peoples custom stuff?
  9. Could be looking a bit far ahead here, but do you think there will be empire days next year or will they be dropped in favour of celebration?
  10. Any chance of getting a few more dealers at this one?? OH, and whats the chances of the guests that didn't make the last one attending this time?
  11. Show masters, do you think Micheal will be replaced to is it too close to the day now?
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