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  1. Come on showmasters bring us the cast from this great tv series. Sebastian Spence as Cade Foster Rob LaBelle as Eddie Nambulous Roger R. Cross as Joshua/Cain
  2. Does anybody know what stall sells those frames witch you can get made up with the writing on like Richard Dean Anderson as General Jack O'Neill. You know the one thats like £10 made up or £15 with there picture. Do they have a website and will they be at London? Thanks
  3. Dominic Purcell please. Wentworth Miller, Peter Stormare and Robert Knepper would be good too.
  4. Julian McMahon would be a fantastic guest. He has been in a lot of stuff and will be really popular.
  5. What a great guest he would be.
  6. John Locke and Sawyer are the best characters by a mile. Charlie and Claire are the most annoying and iratating characters ever.
  7. What are your top 5 manga films? Here are mine 1) Ninja scroll 2) Ghost in the shell 3) Wicked city 4) Fist of the north star 5) Akira
  8. Julian McMahon would be great. I dont think Shannen Doherty would ever do a convention tho.
  9. There are so many good guests we could get Michael T. Weiss - Jarod Andrea Parker - Miss Parker Patrick Bauchau - Sydney Jon Gries - Broots James Denton - Mr. Lyle Harve Presnell - Mr. Parker Richard Marcus - William Raines What do you guys think?
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