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  1. My only worry is that ***** ****** have got three Snat conventions lined up for next year. I'd much prefer to go to a Snat con run by showmasters but would the guests come if there are three cons lines up already for 2010?
  2. Definately! I think my nan would even like to go to that one! LOL. Merlin con please!
  3. Yes yes yes. I know Rogue cancelled their OTH convention. But I would deffinately be up for a OTH con.
  4. Without sounding disrespectful to the guys who do *******, I was mortified by how the event was run this year and would appreciate a Supernatural con which was organised by another company such as Showmasters.
  5. Are you able to get a refund, due to the lack of guests announced? Or does that come under the rule, don't book for a particular guest? But if there's only one guest, surely you will be allowed a refund?
  6. I agree, even if they say we have got this guest if we sell X amount of tickets, but only if we sell X amount. It will atleast let people know who they have got in the pipe line, which will encourage sales.
  7. I know that they need ticket sales to book guests, but unless they book guests from the other two shows people wont buy. I only watch Fringe, and buying coz a Lost guest is there will be pointless coz I don't even watch the show. Even if they said, we need x amount of tickets sold to garantee this guest, it will encourage people to buy. Coz with only one guest from one show, it is alienating viewers who are fans of the other shows. Don't take this as a rant, it's just my opinion on why people aren't booking.
  8. Argh, section one is a hard one! I wanna meet both!
  9. I haven't purchased my ticket yet. To be quite honest, I only really watch Fringe so buying a ticket becuase there were Lost guests there would be pointless on a personal level. My mum has offered to buy me a ticket for my birthday, but I wont be buying unless there are Fringe guests there. If they don't announce any other guests soon, I don't think I will be going. Katie
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