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  1. Ahh, I'm not sure what to do. I planned to download but the thought of sitting up waiting for the download knowing it's airing here as I wait... But then there is the ads to consider. I know that's it's being simulcast with the West Coast airing but how will they get away with showing violence at that time of the morning?
  2. Decode

    Time Zones

    I didnt know this! so Finale aint on a Tuesday night like always? Ill d/l tomorrow morning, I cant stay up cause Im at work at 12 so need sleep lol, I d/l and watch in my lunch break, my wednesday lunch break is 10mins longer than It should be thanks to lost :-p Nope, this week is officially finale week. America have a huge night planned Sunday, a two hour clip show, the 2 and half hour finale, followed by a Jimmy Kimmel Lost special. Sky1 are keeping their slot Friday though so anyone who doesn't download have even longer to wait. I can't remember exactly why they changed the day, but it ends on one of the numbers!
  3. Decode

    Time Zones

    I'm really bad for staying up to download Lost. Normal episodes air 2am - 3am our time. So the finale will be 2am - 4:30am. The place I go for downloads are normally up within an hour or two, but of course it being a longer episode it will take longer to put up and to download. It also depends whether they put it up as two separate episodes or one. One thing, you do realise the finale airs in America on the 23rd? This Sunday? They have 6x16 tomorrow night like normal. You could get it Monday morning! Or stay up like I'm going to
  4. But not as bad as Ana Lucia! One of those episodes which sets the scene for future events, probably suffers a bit following the quality of episode 9. 6 to go..... I don't get the Ana Lucia hate at all! She's amazing <3. And actually it's 8 to go! 17 and 18 airs the same night though. So it all be over in 8 weeks, (there's a week break between episode 13 and 14).
  5. This will sound mean, but I really hope they don't do that. I'd be annoyed if they try and aim the whole ending of the series so the casual viewers who decide to watch Desperate Housewives instead every other week can understand. We watched for 6 years straight for a reason. I don't think they will, but Damon and Carlton did say that even people who had never seen Lost before could understand this almost stand-alone season. Whether that's true or not, I don't know.
  6. Ok you're totally confusing things! So, Widmore not sending the freighter isn't what is controlling everything in the Flash-sideways. The island sunk after Dharma settled there, (we're still not 100% on how it sank), and that's what causes all the differences, because Flight 815 physically can't crash there. In last weeks episode Ben and his father talk about the island, so we know they still went there but left before it sank. Supposedly Danielle and therefore Alex never end up on the island, but once again that depends on when the island sank. Regardless, Ben and Alex meet in that time-line as teacher and student, we assume that Danielle is still her mum. LaFleur as the codeword was probably just a nod to Dharma times as there were a lot of parallels to it. Certain things are the same because they happen before the island sunk, like Cooper conning Sawyer's dad and that's why they get referenced. But basically because of the island not existing, and we assume that would get rid of Jacob too, then all the characters lives after that point would change. In theory, Jacob never gives a pen to little Sawyer, so Sawyer doesn't become a con-man, he becomes a cop. Little things that the characters never even realised actually shaped their lives. All the characters still meeting, despite not happening through the island, happens because it's fate. But Miles and Charlotte, and obviously Miles' dad too, know each other because one would assume they still were Dharma kids, we know they left on the sub anyway, it's just the question of how does Pierre get off the island in that time-line. The question I have is, how did Locke end up in his wheelchair in that time-line? His dad supposedly is still a con-man, (unless in that time-line it's a different Anthony), but in Locke's episode it was hinted he got on fine with his dad and you wouldn't invite someone who pushed you out a window to your wedding! And then there's also the point of Jacob was there after he broke his spine and he appeared to actually revive Locke. If Jacob didn't exist in that moment would Locke have died? And if in that time-line Jacob doesn't exist... then Locke must have got his injury another way. Phew! I hope that makes sense!
  7. Awh, I did! She wasn't that bad Michelle Rodriguez <3 There could be. Jacobs last words before being kicked into the fire by Flocke (Fake Locke) was "there coming". True. I assumed he meant the ones stuck in 1977 were coming (to the present). But I like that^ I hope there is someone coming.
  8. Is someone really coming though? I thought Jacob made it clear he was just doing it to get them away from the Temple and to mess with Jack's head. I think if someone really is out there it will probably be someone we know. And you thought Juliet was annoying? I loved Juliet! Did you like Ana Lucia?
  9. Decode

    Lost Twitters

    Haha now I feel like a complete twit for saying I'm going to cry!
  10. Decode

    Lost Twitters

    I thought it would be good idea to share our Twitters and any other Lost-related Twitters that you would recommend following for the final Season. What with it ending in a few months I'm determined to make the most of it and my Twitter lacks some serious Lostness! And will anyone else actually cry when it finishes? Because I think I actually might :\ Mine is http://twitter.com/dreamcatcher23 Follow me! And I'd recommend following the main bad boys! (But obviously beware of spoilers if you follow on UK time) http://twitter.com/TheRealDamon <--- The man himself. http://twitter.com/CarltonCuse <--- Another genius. http://twitter.com/DarkUFO (All round goodness) http://twitter.com/lostpedia (Anyone that doesn't use Lostpedia needs to start. Like. Now.) http://twitter.com/gjacksbeard (The guy that plays Hurley has a podcast!) http://twitter.com/Lost_Initiative (Pretty bad UK Lost podcast but it brings in the lols) So yeah! Tweet away and don't let this thread fall flat on it's face! >_< Oh and I forgot http://twitter.com/iansomerhalder BOONE!
  11. I'm the complete opposite! While I like seeing the off-island storyline, the on-island story is the stuff that really matters to me. Obviously this episode was kind of a let down from the premiere, but they did hint at a few big reveals to come. The sickness. Claire. But I do suddenly hate Kate and the whole flash-sideways seemed a bit dodgy but at least we got some Ethan!
  12. Agreed. Turning a wheel to move the island isn't exact science either, so you kinda just have to accept that it blew them back in time You ever seen Fringe? *And no spoilers of S2 please because I'm on Sky1 time* but in S1 Olivia got glimpses of an alternate reality, so I wouldn't be surprised if something similar happened in Lost. Maybe Juliet's concious jumped to the other time-line, she clearly wanted to go have coffee with someone! And Jack seemed to be having deja vu in the plane. The two time-lines have got to merge at some point to make it all worth while I think.
  13. I hope this helps slightly The people in 1977 have now joined the people in 2007, so there's only one time-line we're seeing on the island. For one thing, we're not sure that the bomb made the island sink in the parallel time-line, but if the survivors in 1977 did cause that then it creates a paradox. If they blow up a bomb that stops them ever being on the island, then they won't ever be there to detonate the bomb in the first place, so that time-line can't actually exist. Therefore, we're seeing two time-lines coexisting at the same time. One where the island isn't there to crash on (which will radically alter some characters lives) and another (the original time-line) supposedly where the bomb didn't work/they just created the Incident.
  14. Yeah, the DVD was sort of a waste of money. I'm even more annoyed as BBC3 iPlayer has all the episode's up for viewing except episode 2 has audio-description over it with no way to turn it off. Kinda distracting.
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