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  2. i might go in jeans, a top and a coat nd trainers
  3. are any of u in dazzling missfits? coz i wana join, i know its a bit late but... cya all there!:) are any of u goin in a top and skirt to the prom party?
  4. are any of u goin in a top and skirt to the prom?
  5. la push-shorts (maybe!) or a denim skirt, tights, high heeled sandal things, strappy top prom-tartan skirt, tights, high heels again, black top, red cardigan (cant find a dress) 1901-i dunno any suggestions? lookin fwd 2 seein u all there
  6. hi i cant find a dress! Would it be kk 2 go in a top and a skirt? I tried 2 fit in my old bridesmaid dress but it wont zip up
  7. me neither! i might just go in a top and skirt
  8. g2g night ill be on 2morro ill try 2 sneak a dress thenx 4 da tip! lol cya there!
  9. i love edward nd jacob, my mate finks edward is a minger and soo fancies taylor lautner. I want robert 4 ET dont u, i cant believe taylor dropped out i dunno why im not allowed, she says iv gotta go in jeans and a top! can i join da group then plz? I really wanna join!
  10. are any of you going in dresses for the prom party? My mum said im not allowed how tight is that!
  11. hi are you guys like forming a group coz i would soooooooo like to join plz! I dot belong to a group i dont fink please plzplzplzplzplz im 11 so do i qualify? cya at ET
  12. hi im 11 so can i still join? Im a major an of twilight, you all sound really nice so can i join please!:)
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