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  1. One of the MK Storm Troopers discusses coping with the weather:
  2. How's about inviting a selection of Farscape actors. Whilst not that contemporary, I've never seen a convention where many of the series have been over to the UK. Ben Browder and Claudia Black will bridge SG1 fans as well.
  3. Poor Malcolm McDowell's gonna be exhausted doing a one man signing at this rate!
  4. Ok for Manchester's first event, but there is room for improvement. Could have been much batter. Not enough variety with the stalls. Overkill with the trading cards and autograph stalls. And all overpriced. Not many competitive bargains, which I've seen at other events. I didn't spend anything round the stalls. But a good variety - a few more Dr Who people would be good for next time. Hope the next one builds on the success of this one.
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