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  1. I think SM really need to go hell for leather to try and find a decent level Star Wars guest for the show. Someone along the lines of Ray Park, Peter Mayhew, Jake Lloyd, etc - the lineup is great but lots of Star Wars fans from the forums I use simply won't come just for the background signers and regular attenders that are still listed attendees. Come on SM - You can do it!
  2. I wonder if SM could try to get Beatie to attend LFACC. With Christopher Lambert being in attendance she would probably quadruple the business she had at her previous SM outings. That's nothing against her, but she was terribly quiet the last time I saw her at an SM event. I know for a fact that I'd get her to sign something that Lambert has signed - but wouldn't pay to meet her for an independent sig. I hope SM have at least tried to get Beatie as I think it would be a good move for both parties.
  3. Curses curses curses!! One struck off the long list though, I guess!
  4. Time permitting (as I am only there Friday and Saturday until about 2pm!), these are the definites I've listed so far: Christopher Lloyd Lea Thompson Christopher Lambert Corey Feldman - x 2 Derek Jacobi Sean Maher Temura Morrison Jeremy Bulloch Kenny Baker Sadie Eden Kaye Power Macgowan - x 2 Just hope I'll have enough time to get to these guys. My priorities will be the non Star Wars guests as I have met most of the SW guys at least once before, but would like to meet them again. I've got a few maybes as well - Gil Gerard, Erin Gray, Sylvia Anderson are the main ones. But, seeing as Sportsmania is the weekend after I may need to draw my spending in!!
  5. Kenny usually charges £15 This is superb! I just hope he is gonna be around on Friday or Saturday as my 15 month old son has taken a shine to all things R2 and I'd like to get Kenny to dedicate a photo to him!
  6. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000317/ Clancy Brown. Would be a superb addition - not just because of his role opposite Christopher Lambert as the Kurgan, but just look at the TV & voice work he's done!
  7. Cool! Another for my ANH poster - a cult character from a cracking scene AND attending on Saturday as well which is superb!!! Thanks SM - more Star Wars guests for the Saturday if possible please
  8. Any World Cup 90 or Euro 96 England players - a reunion of those resposible for our greatest achievement on the football pitch since 66 is surely a must?! So, if it's names you are after, how about: Peter Shilton Paul Parker Mark Wright Terry Butcher (You'll never beat) Des Walker Chris Waddle David Platt (covers both) Steve McMahon Gary Lineker Peter Beardsley Neil Webb Bryan Robson David Seaman Gary Neville Tony Adams Gareth Southgate Stuart Pearce (covers both) Teddy Sherringham Alan Shearer Darren Anderton Steve McManamanamanamanamanamanamanamanaman Jamie Redknapp Nick Barmby Robbie Fowler ETC ETC ETC And to round it off, El Tel would be a nice on!
  9. Great guest! Can we have all the others from that poll now please?!
  10. hay you got it right which one is it!!! lol Probably - ??? Alex Winter would make more sense with the "cool" reference. Bill S. Preston esquire...
  11. What lines did he have? Was it his voice used? Anyone know?
  12. nah, he's third from the left on the 2nd row lol Nah, surely not? That one is too short for a Stormtrooper!
  13. Don't they all make that claim? 4th Stormtrooper from the left. Or is it 3rd? Maybe it's 2nd from the right....
  14. Xmen First Class is superb. Not sure I'd be interested in just getting this lad on his own, but if more First Class guests were announced I'd probably add him to a poster or something!
  15. Just monetising the votes at the moment, we'd see people willing to spend a total of 16500 on either Christopher Lee or Hayden Christensen! And that is just based on this poll of 300 participants so far. Does anyone know the costs involved in bringing a guest like this to the table?
  16. As long as Ewan grew his beard back and both of them let their hair grow a bit then I would pay silly money to have a photo taken with Obi-Wan and Anakin. Silly money!
  17. On the issue of "value for money", I think DavidB makes an excellent point - these are signing events - essentially we are paying for the autograph. As autograph hunters/collectors, quite often if we were to secure a signature on an item at a movie premiere, or at a stage door from a show, or at the side of a sports arena, quite often you wouldn't get an acknowledgement from the signer - just a quick scribble with someone elses pen and then the person signing moves swiftly onto the next scribble. I think what these events give us is the opportunity to at least have a more civilised system in place whereby we can get the opportunity to gain access to stars and secure a sought after sig for our collection. Most guests that I have been to at SM events have been personable, and have been happy to engage in a brief exchange before, during and after signing whatever I've paid for them to sign. Some guests have more time than others - and it is those guests that you can grab your chance of a quick chat and photo at the desk with. I'd say 85% of the guests I have met at events I have had the opportunity to do this with. Even the likes of very busy Mark Hamill when he was over had a brief chat and photo at the desk. Ernest Borgnine was another at AG - and I'd say he fits the same kind of bill that people are mentioning in relation to Christopher Lee. We shouldn't lose sight of just what it is we are paying for. The "value" at the end of the day is what you walk away with from the exchange. Be that a signed item on its own, or with all the trimmings of a quick chat and a photo at the desk as well. I'd say ALL of the prices quoted in this list are pretty fair for the guests to be honest. The only one I wouldn't deem as being value for money (in terms of just a signed item) would be Christophe Lambert as I just don't think his portfolio of work lends justification enough to charge that price. But then that is a matter of opinion. When you consider that quite often we pay £10/£15 for actors/actresses who had very limited roles in one or two scenes in just one movie or franchise, then £55 for someone who's taken a lead role in a fair few films is excellent value for money.
  18. Stan Lee, Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor a thousand times over!! (OK - don't hold me to that!!) Stan Lee over Iain Holm any day of the week - especially at that price! As much as I would love to meet Christopher Lee, I feer that his age and fragility may lessen the experience for both himself and the many fans who would want to meet him. As an autograph collector, it is easy to obtain his signature from the store on his official site, with an array of photos, posters and other items signed available to purchase. That is why I opted for Hayden over Christopher - though, obviously, if I could have voted for both I would have!! As much as I love Highlander, Ewan has a larger portfolio of work that I appreciate. So, Stan, Hayden & Ewan for me. PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN - ALL AT LFACC IF POSSIBLE!!!!
  19. Back on topic. I thought I read somewhere that Val Kilmer did have a stalker in the UK, whom he knew by name as Steve Cleary. So, maybe there was some truth in his concerns?
  20. Batman Forever IS Val Kilmer Much like Dave Prowse IS Darth Vader. If you take my meaning. Perhaps the count was the stalker in question...
  21. For anyone who went to CM today, were there any flyers with new announcements for LFACC? Thanks
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