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  1. Ooooo that's certainly gonna be interesting to see! Good luck with that! X
  2. Well I am currently considering three main costumes (rather then the mountain of a list I had before): Tinkerbell (the Jeremy Scrumpter movie version)-This is a definate! Mina Harker (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) Mary Kelly (From Hell) Haven't done a costume before so I am crossing everything for them to go well haha!
  3. I will be travelling to MK from Cardiff....mainly to just see a few friends again...but James Marsters as well hehe!
  4. hmm...*thinks for a while* so the Torchwood cosplay is still happening then? I'm glad, and if the list is still the same as before, as I haven't been on here for a while then I need to get my skates on for my Gwen costume hehe! Oops.... Turkfox and Rickman>>>>What day you doing it? X
  5. Yay! It's great to see a torchwood guest...hope to see some more!
  6. *cries out and hides* Your costumes are looking fantastic huni but the scissorhands one....*shudders* I'm scared! hehe!
  7. Ok I understand your point there but he isn't going to mope around for ages as he has a job to do and the rest of the team's lives could be put in danger if he carried on down that path. Maybe he has decided he needs to move on...personally I think the whole flirting thing with Jack is his way of helping to get over his grief.
  8. But jack killed his girlfriend and he swore he would kill Jack. That doesn't disappear in 3? weeks! It hasn't been three weeks for them as Jack clearly pointed out in this week's episdoe that Suzie has been dead for 3 months when Torchwood hasn't even been showing on our screens for 2 months yet! lol!
  9. Sounds great!! We don't know what event we are doing it at yet but it will be next year sometime. I'll get Turkfox to add you onto the list.
  10. YAY!! We have a Tosh! That is so cool...don't worry about not looking like her. I look NOTHING like Gwen haha....only thing is.... .....Who's going to be Jack now?
  11. Hi Sarah, Kirsty here, just wondering if you still have the spaces in your room? If so my email addy is in my address if you want to contact me through there. Thanks
  12. I personally think that this was the best episode by far as it was, for once, not revolved around Gwen. We are getting to learn more about each of the characters now. Ianto was amazing in this weeks episode and, yes, I'll admit it.....I cried hehe! BRING ON NEXT EPISODE!!
  13. Please tell me you don't mean he'll have a photo shoot! Oh god! That would be so cool! A nice photo with Mr Ianto Jones
  14. Yay! We have a Ianto!!! hehe! Hand in the jar....I could just picture the Doctor holding that haha!
  15. COUNT ME IN!!! I am gonna do Gwen....for Obvious reasons .....unless something better comes up in future episodes so this is just temporary at the moment but I am so up for it!
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