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  1. you can use the piece of metal to remove one of the track nails
  2. I think if Caruso ever decides to leave the show they have to get Carrey to take over lol CSI CARREY
  3. Mark it's good to see you back on the boards Dont think it hasn't gone unnoticed that your MusicMania website is in your favourite colour ORANGE all you need to do is add some black stripes lol
  4. *sells Neo's table space!!!* Who is the lackey now!? Did I say lackey? sorry i meant webmaster, easy typo to make lol *cough*website*cough*
  5. Perhaps get the office lackey, Davey i think his name is? , to update the C10 Website. I know LOOAADDS of people that dont look at the forum for announcements, they juist check the C10 frontpage every few days.
  6. You can have this one of a kind for 20p
  7. Just came acrosss this on Google video, you got to give it to them for having the nerve to do it in the first place lol Click Me
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Have a good one
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY I'm sure you'll have a GREAT day
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (nice dress lol) HAVE A GOOD ONE
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WOW didnt know they released a special Care Bear to celebrate your birthday Have a good one
  12. neo


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Have a good one
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Have a good one
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VAMPS Have a good one
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