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  1. >> Insert previous generic reply that got deleted for no reason here <<
  2. Armin is always great to meet. Shame he's not at HW6 too!
  3. Brilliant I will definitely be meeting her gain, she was lovely at LFCC. Please have Mirrormask photos for her to sign this time though!
  4. I'm going to be really annoyed if ME try and run an event with 3 guests again. I paid out as soon as I got back from HW5 to support the event and so far the 2 guests we have I've already met. No way worth a gold ticket to me. Last year I had a great time and was finally able to meet guests I hadn't met before and see friends but this was when there was a good amount of guests. Mark and Danny are great but this is beyond disappointing. There's no way I'll be parting with money that fast again. I thought ME had really got their act together after last year but considering we have heard absolutely nothing I guess it was all just wishful thinking. Just tell us something, anything. It only takes a few minutes to type something on a forum.
  5. Chevron guest cancellation and a replacement announced shortly after. Am I missing something here? If this event is going to be cancelled can ME just go ahead and tell us please. In terms of value for money it's pretty clear about which event I should be attending.
  6. That's Sarah Jones, I'll Facebook her but I thought she got them back already?!
  7. Oh that makes sense. Thanks, I'll keep an eye on it.
  8. Has it even aired here yet? Have I missed it? I really want to see it! This post was not a very helpful reply, sorry!
  9. The programme says it's 20th- 22nd Feb at the Hilton Metropole Birmingham. You should wait for a con code though to book rooms.
  10. ME announced in the programme at LFCC a Power Rangers con in Feb next year.
  11. I met Jaime Murray elsewhere before season 1 aired and she is amazing! I will always want to see her at a show. And season 2 of Defiance is so good. I think it's better than the first, some interesting new directions... but it doesn't air in the UK until September. Stephanie said that networks are now looking at social media for pick ups so please if anyone is on Twitter please type '#Defiance' after any relevant tweet! We want a season 3!
  12. It would probably be easier to have a thread asking for guests doing table photos!
  13. Yes, I met Stephanie too. She was a brilliant guest and I'd love to see her and the Defiance cast at another event. It was quite disappointing to see she had no Mirror mask 8x10s on her table to get signed though.
  14. Yes, this also happened to my friend. He got told it was because it was nearing the 9pm close. He was not happy and rightfully so as he did his stuff in a certain order to avoid clashes and he was already told to come back later on this evening. Crazy. Now he may have a clash tomorrow.
  15. Good chance for him to promo his new show Dominion which will be on screens this Autumn. Shame my budget can't include him this time
  16. Shame Michael Madsen fans get consideration but Stephanie Leonidas' fans don't. Still no fix for the Stan talk / her shoot which are both Sunday only. I know you can't please everyone but this is extremely disappointing.
  17. I have a MAJOR clash. Two things that are Sunday only - Stan Lee talk and Stephanie Leonidas photo shoot. I know you have to accommodate a lot of guests and times but could you not have put a guest that is doing all three days in Stephanie's slot so people have already had the chance to get an op with them? I am gutted because I am a MASSIVE fan of Defiance but now I can't get a photo with Steph as I will be in the Stan Lee talk, and as I've paid and got a really low talk ticket for Stan I'm not going to risk missing the start of it. So disappointed right now.
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