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  1. Don't go to HMV then. They have advertised that they are going to release each episode seperatly on a DVD for £3.99 each. 1st Episode is out September 3rd
  2. I've just got back from the tour and it was OK. Got Adrians auto at the This morning studio but missed Milo there cos they had to leave. The London eye signing was a mess. They made up a barrier like at the premiers where we all got behind. Problem was that people who had just turned up pushed in front of all of us who had been waiting for a couple of hours. I got Haydens auto. He's sooo hot I got Jack's too but i smudged the ink by accident. Gutted i didn't get Milos. When they decided to leave (they didn't sign that much) people litterally broke the barroer down and chased after them. Securtity were pushing people away and they made a dash to the bus to get away. It was intense. Overall, i'm glad i went or the experience but i wouldn't do it again as it was unorganised and invloved alot of shoving. I'm just glad that come Sunday i can get an auto from all 3 Heroes, Have a chat and photo with them without being pushed
  3. Awsome guest I got Adrians auto this morning outside the studios and he's a great guy. He said he's looking forward to LFCC but nothing mentioned about Milo. The impression given was that he's leaving on saturday
  4. What was the address/post code of the 'This morning studio'?
  5. Thank God he's still goignt Saturday. He was the main guest i wanted to meet
  6. Nothing to loose i guess as i have a day rail card to i can travle as much as i want. I may get over there for around 4pm. I'll go if i don't get my autos at the London eye
  7. Mr Bennet asked me to post this as he can't get near a computer to login.lol He's going to get to london around to 7.30. He's going straight to the This morning studio before going back to the london eye for 12.00 or so.
  8. Ok if it's filmed at Kennington, how do i get there? Is there a tube there? Any ideas how far it is from the tube station? I'll go as i'll be free after the appearance at the eye
  9. Got a link? It's not the same info i mentioned in another thread somwhere is it?
  10. Do we know if they are going to have OFFICIAL merchandise availble based on the fact that they're definatly going to be signing (based on the paris leg)
  11. That's not true ithe event in Paris has already been announced (I won't mention where to not break any rules here) and you don't need any tickets at all. Can you tell me where via email please? stuntman360@btinternet.com
  12. If i can find out where the Heroes tour is and what it invloves then i will go on the Friday, even if i only meet Millo and Adrien as Hayden and Jack are at LFCC. I don't think we are going to find out until the very last minute as the only venue they have confirmed which is the NBC store in New York. We have no ideas on how it's going to work.....nothing
  13. I wish i can get some official posters to get signed but none seem to be available yet
  14. After seeing Jessica with Peter Petrelli in that Hotel room, i'll go with Jessica
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