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  1. Ian Holm, Karl Urban & Sean Bean for me! Wow, that'd be a HUGE addition to my LOTR autos... Although, to be honest I would also probably pay for Orlando too.
  2. The witch

    New series

    Go on. You know you want to
  3. All booked, woo hoo!! Dream guests : Dame Maggie Smith Robbie Coltrane Julie Walters Mark Williams Brendon Gleeson David Thewlis Rhys Ifans And.....since this is a dream wishlist....Gary Oldman. Thank you please Realistic guests : Tom Felton The twins Bonnie Wright Matthew Lewis Jason Isaacs Evanna Lynch Warwick Davis
  4. Make that 4 Just bought mine!!
  5. The Josh ones were lovely BUT I don't suppose you have any Matthew Fox.....?? Please?
  6. I'm not trying to say anything. I've said exactly what I meant to. I hope Lockdown and Lockdown 2 are a success. But if they aren't do you think the cons will continue to run while SM take heavy losses? Short term gain is good to ensure a long term future, IMO. End of.
  7. Surely right now the focus needs to be on making Lockdown a success and not jumping ahead to Lockdown 2? How can you talk about the jeopardy of a future event when the first one doesn't seem to be doing all that well? I believe that day tickets have been suggested as a possible way to make Lockdown a successful event for SM - which is what we all want. If this event is losing SM money and there is a way to make back that money to ensure that SM are happy for L2 to go ahead, then yes - I am all for day tickets. Still. As for You'll find that generally, I'm an interesting kinda girl
  8. WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!! <--------- is slightly pleased
  9. An entire day and a party in the evening is slightly more than a 'few hours' - and yes you can get the atmosphere from that. I've done it. Only once, admittedly as I am a weekend girl myself. But it can be done. So I gather - but still, we can't all agree. I'm for it - for this particular event- and you're not so let's just agree to diagree. Of course they can and there is no good reason stopping them from doing it to make this event a success. Other organisers have done it and done it successfuly. Saying something won't work is all well and good, but when it has already been proven to work and has been profitable for both sides involved it becomes a bit redundant.
  10. Exactly. Full weekend ticket sales could follow for future events after a person has purchased a one-day ticket and realised what conventions are all about. So long as the people who fully supported the event and shelled out for a full weekend ticket are not negatively affected, I think one-day tickets could be advantageous to the organiser in many ways - future sales, photos sales, boosting low attendance numbers, etc. I honestly don't see how it could be a bad thing?
  11. I was factoring in hotel, travel & living costs as well. An average weekend convention in the past has cost me £350 all in. A day event has cost me under £100 and I got more autos and goodies from the stalls than at the weekend con.
  12. Of course it is. You can afford something, you do it, you can't, you don't. It's the way the world works. Okay, 'fair' clearly being the wrong word to have used here. Take the cost element out of it as well. Some people simply can't do entire weekends for whatever reason. Doing one day tickets allows them to experience some of the con atmosphere and could also mean extra auto & photo sales for SM. And as I said before, so long as the weekend attendees don't suffer in any way, it could work. Still a yes from me.
  13. I would vote yes for day tickets, so long as there is a way to work it so that people who paid for a full weekend tickets didn't suffer because of it. Some people can't afford an entire weekend away in a hotel or can't be away from home for a whole weekend. Some people might be single parents who can't get babysitters for 2 or 3 nights. I do know someone this absolutely applies to. It's not fair that they should miss out completely, surely?
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