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  1. 1) Eliza Dushku 2) Alexis Denisof 3) Gina Torres 4) Enver Gjokaj 5) Michelle Tratchenberg 6) Sean Maher
  2. I voted all new guests, but it would be good to get James back as he always guarentees ticket sales.
  3. loving the new guest announcement
  4. Have wanted to meet Stephanie for ages!! YAY!! Awesome guest!!
  5. I chose Rob, Anna and Kellan. Was soooo difficult to choose between Anna and Dakota I'm quite suprised that Ashley has the most votes for the 3rd section. I would have thought Jamie or Kellan would've been more popular. Good for her!! :)
  6. I laughed at this abit more than somebody, that isn't 8 years old, should! haha!!
  7. Amber is always great to meet!!
  8. my thoughts exactly, not had any lost guests since Ian and Maggie if memory serves me right. Im glad im at work all day tomorrow to keep me distracted! There have been quite a few Lost guests since then I think. Not necessarily 'big' guests but there have been a couple I think. Would be great to get Elizabeth Mitchell <3
  9. I'm waiting too! ET4 will be my first Twi-con so I'm really excited for whoever it is!!
  10. How did I know you would be the first to comment
  11. Really need to get round to buying my tickets :S deffinately when I next get paid!!
  12. Eliza, amy and alexis are my top 3 most wanted Well top 3 realistic most wanted! eliza and alexis are in my top 3 Thats decided then. we must have Eliza, Amy and Alexis!! listening SM?
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