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  1. Just come back and it's no pictures at all, posed or otherwise
  2. She could promote the new Bloodrayne movie www.bloodrayne-themovie.com/
  3. Take a look at the MSPG autograph site: http://www.mspgs.com/shop/index.php?shop=1&cat=38 There prices are usually £5 more that you would pay at the event (.
  4. Why not look at the MSPG Autograph link on the front page? They usually add £5.00 plus postage to the intended price You'll always get the odd exception due to special "uber collector's limited edition prints" but are still a great guide for minimum pricing.
  5. I thought that too ! I know they had to get through a lot of people but they could have handled a "bit" better. Really felt like saying baaaa at one point. Only happened on his line though, the rest were great in my opinion.
  6. Met Michael Dorn early on Friday and can't say I had a problem. He was friendly and animated, especially when he saw I was wearing a ferrari t shirt. He talked for some time about his current ferrari and how he was looking forward to buying a ferrari F40. As for the flash, after a few hundred flashes going off in you face how would you feel? Not trying to make excuses for him as much a point out there is more than on point of view.
  7. I agree with Jack O'Neil, photos are a great bonus but I can understand doing away with them in some cases would allow more people to see the guests.
  8. If it goes anything like today, count me in too !
  9. Just like to thank everyone for their help. I had a feeling the photo was "Free" but thought it didn't do any harm to ask anyway. Thanks again!
  10. Hello, Appreciate the advance autograph prices as it will come in handy to budget what to spend. My question is how much will it cost for personal items from the guests, Amanda Tapping in particular. The same? Thanks guys!
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