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  1. Miss Scarlet

    It turns out I have two guests to announce tonight! :-)

    Hardly every post in the forum, but I've gotta say I am very excited to hear this announcement!
  2. Miss Scarlet

    C18 crew emails

    No email for me as I guess it has been sent to my old address. Have sent an email to crew address with correct details so hopefully you get it. Thanks Naomi xx
  3. Miss Scarlet

    latest guest Announcement - David Tennant

    OMG, this is soooooo amazingly brilliant!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Hope I can a break from crewing to get his auto and picture.....this is someone I don't want to miss out on! Jason & team you guys are the best. So excited Naomi xx
  4. Miss Scarlet

    would you pay this amount to meet these people ?

    Ok, have to say I am having a total geek girl moment at the thought I meeting Stan Lee for the bargin basement price of £30!!!! All I've got to say to that is Hell Yeah!!! I've actually met and looked after Christopher Lee in the past and at £55 that is a great deal. To be honest all those prices are really good and I'd be happy to pay those prices for any of the guys. However the stand out and one I wouldn't miss out on would definitely be Stan Lee all the way! Cheers Naomi x
  5. Miss Scarlet

    something new the Massive Events spring CLEAR OUT

    Good thing I'll be crewing all weekend and my husband isn't getting there till the Sunday otherwise I feel our wallets would end up being very empty! Must remember to stay away from this area as I'm sure it will be way too tempting.
  6. Miss Scarlet

    Latest Guest Announcement - ROBERT PATRICK

    I don't normally post, am usually just reading post to keep updated. But with a guest this awesome I just had to come out of retirement and comment. Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a brilliant guest. I was wondering who I should swap my Laura picture for and now there is no question! Brilliant guests, loving the announcement of Alex Kingston as well. What a fab show, so glad I will be there crewing. See you all soon Naoni xx
  7. Miss Scarlet


    Steve & I had a great time last year and we hardly knew anyone, so now we do I'm sure we would have an even better time. Just checking work schedules but fingers crossed we can make it again this year. Naomi x
  8. Miss Scarlet

    New Years Party roll call

    Jason Joiner i am there all 5 days and 4 nights Andrea Swinsco i am there all 5 days and 4 nights Mark Carter i am there all 5 days and 4 nights Claire Carter i am there all 5 days & 4 nights Shabs Shabs i am there all 5 days & 4 nights SJ i am there all 5 days & 4 nights Paul Jones - I am there all 5 days and 4 nights (working 9-5 on the Fri) Sah Hawkins - 5days and 4nights at the mo - my train home from London is on Monday night xx Davie - is am there all 4 days & 3 nights Stephen Low - is am there all 5 days & 4 nights Andy Jones is there all 5 days and 4 nights (still hoping they keep the office closed on 2nd) Too Tall AKA Mr Sarah i am there all 5 days and 0 nights (coming over after work on 31st, going home at night) Sarah AKA Mrs Too Tall i am there all 5 days and 0 nights (coming over after work on 31st, going home at night) Melissa Geramipour i am there all 5 days & 4 nights Andrew Hornby I am there all 5 days & 4 nights Faye Cording I am there 4 days & 3 nights (pending Sunday plans so may end up doing the lot). Sonja Stoneham I am there for 2 days 7 1 night (new years eve & new years day) Julie Ackroyd I am there 4 days & 3 nights (as working on Fri 2nd coming back in evening) Ian King I am there New year eve, New year Day then back on sat so 3 days 2 nights as working friday and sat Alex Smith - Is going to make a serious effort to get there on NYE, but cant say for sure right now, as may not be in the country :-( Naomi Brown - 5 days & 4 Nights Steve Manser - 5 days & 4 Nights (as long as there is still room for us to come along!)
  9. Miss Scarlet

    New Years Party "4" come & join fellow fans & crew

    I remember Jason telling us all about these infamous NYE parties and it sounds brilliant. I know Steve & I would love to come along, if we don't have to work. Is there still any room left??? Cheers Naomi xx
  10. Miss Scarlet

    Who Do You Want To Meet From Lost?

    There are so many great people I really can't decide. We had such an unexpectantly great time at the last Lost event I would be happy with any of them, especially if they are as friendly as the ones who came last time. xx
  11. Miss Scarlet

    Poll : Who Do You Want To Meet From Fringe?

    Thanks for putting on an Abrams Con....brilliant! Loving Fringe - Josha Jackson and Mark Valley (loved him in Boston Legal) would be the best and a great excuse to treat myself to a pre wedding party! xx
  12. Miss Scarlet

    New Convention for 2009

    Wow, there are some great choice on here. I would like to see Dexter, Bones, Criminal Minds, Law & Order included in the Crimes Con as they all have a similar theme. Voted for Dexter, Crimes & Lost (but believe Lockdown 2 is happening). If I could have more votes I would attend Ugly Betty, Supernatural, Buffy/Angel, actually most you are offering! lol I know this show is no longer on but still has a huge fan base so possibly a Firefly / Serenity Con, as there are still many actors from the series and film who haven't done a con, or who haven't been to the UK for quite some time... Other possibilities - A Town called Eureka BSG Firefly Bonekickers Primeval I know some of these shows are also done by other people, but I'm sure SM have the contacts and resources to bring guests which are possibly unavailable to other event organizers and your cons do rock in a big way, so I would be there! xx I'm sure whatever cons you do decide to have, they will be as great as all the previous ones. xx