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  1. Hey, how many people have seen Tremors , its one of my favourite films, Ya did get Tom Woodruff and Alec Gillis, Don't you want to see more of the cast,
  2. Oh My God! Thats FANTASTIC, Really great I CAN'T GO, Its not that i'm not grateful, but is there a chance of someone like that to go to LFACC2 Thank you,
  3. Just one background extra would make me happy, and you know who would be cool; Tim Roth and Amanda Plummer What do you guys think?
  4. Wes Snipes is a tall order (he might be busy with Blade Trinity,cool) and i've never heard of Kris Kris leaving his house but just these three would be so good and a believe there'd be a box of chocs for one who gets them, plz. Norman Reedus Thomas Kretschmann Luke Goss C'mon please, see ya,
  5. As i smile sweetly at you, TELL ME WHO, no matter i'm sure they will be cool. See you there,
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