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  1. Is anyone else having trouble buying tickets? The page keeps loading.
  2. Yes!! Thank you for the Robert & Emilie de Ravin duo photo - already bought. Now I need to buy just the Robert & Lana one :)
  3. What about if i get an additional photo, having a diamond pass already? Can i do both photos at the same time, or do i have to Q again and wait for the batch number of the additional photo opp ?
  4. But you get a batch number only with diamond passes, or? I wanna buy just the photo opp
  5. I got Saturday and Sunday entry already. Its more that i dont wanna miss on Saturday Roberts or Emilies Panel, but on Sunday i have more stuff bought. So wanna see the times to decide on the last pics i wanna buy.
  6. Thanks, I am thinking to wait with buying photos until I have the time table. Just to see if Saturday or Sunday works better for me. Are photo ops usually sold out before the event?
  7. Morning everyone :) How close to the event is the time table posted? Thank you
  8. Thank you, great announcement!! Can we hope for a Robert & Emilie and Ian & Emilie Duo?
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