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  1. Did anyone manage to redeem the Free Alita Sky Store Promo Code that was being handed out from the FOX stand at LFCC? The code on my slip includes characters Sky don't recognise it seems. Just wondered if anyone got it to work or whether it is just a fantastic marketing own goal on the part of the distributor?
  2. I don't get PIP, because it is nigh-on impossible to get, and because local councils decide who gets a blue badge, and Manchester doesn't hand them out for spinal cases, I don't get that either. What I do have is a series of letters from my spinal consultant which say "This gentleman cannot stand for long periods as his spine is fried, he needs your assistance." My carer is themselves autistic and we support each other throughout the day. Showmasters' policy is less restrictive than some others which often specify PIP or Higher-Rate DLA, but you are checked to ensure you're not cheating the system, and its organised much better than most. Its a godsend for me, LFCC would flat-out not be possible for me without one. And yes, I've handed my stick to crewmembers before, though luckily if they are torso shots, even if I keep it, it doesn't show in the picture. I can walk a short distance without it (Areas E and F this year were in carpeted rooms which was an absolute joy, cushioning for the feet makes a huge difference).
  3. Super, super nice. Would love to meet her again. Thanks for getting her to LFCC.
  4. Yeap, there is quite clearly a thing with visible vs invisible disability training here. I get they cannot give every volunteer a full disability awareness course, but its fairly easy to at least raise that awareness in briefings and in what information is given to volunteers. Being told "You don't deserve your band" is absolutely unacceptable behaviour, it is not for them to judge your level of capability. Perhaps even lanyards or badges or different coloured bands to show that your disability isn't visible. Things can be done, but doing things cost money, and we are all asked to undertake our own risk assessments. One can but suggest things, and hope they are taken up.
  5. I have always had the impression that in Photo Shoots, they put Extra Help in first, but in auto lines you are expedited to the extent possible (i.e. if you have a VQT, and the line is open for your number, you are put towards the front of the queue, usually behind the last DP person. Certainly what is suggested in the accessibility page, and what I have experienced over the last few years, and when operated properly, seems to work. Its when people have no manners and consideration for others that it starts getting fractious. (And as per my previous post, when I have wanted to be absolutely sure of an auto, I have gone DP as well).
  6. My experience was mixed. Every single one of the Photoshoot pit bosses I spoke to over the weekend were incredibly nice, helpful and accommodating, I cannot fault them, and in the Carrie Ann Moss photoshoot, one crew member even found me a chair when it was clear she was going to be late to the shoot (Carrie Ann was incredibly nice when she did arrive however). All of them eased the stress of the day, and made us feel welcome and respected. There are some negatives however. On Saturday, the Extra Help queue and the Main Queue were released together, when extra help are supposed to go five minutes before. If nothing else this allows us to get clear of the crazy runners for VQTs that seem to have become a feature of LFCC in recent years sadly, even if it doesn't allow us enough time to get upstairs for VQTs ourselves (I'm okay with that, I took the decision to stick to photos and enjoy the con without standing in the longest lines this year anyway, and I have waited downstairs whilst my carer went for them in previous years). The result was we had Extra Help coming from the left, crossing a throng of running con-goers from the right. I pointed this out to security that it was incredibly dangerous and could result in life-changing injury, and received an offensive gesture behind my back which I did not see, but which my Carer did as we moved off. I have 3 separate spine conditions, the only visible evidence of which is a stick and a limp. Someone knocks me off my feet at full tilt, I won't be getting up without a paramedic. We wisely went up the middle aisle towards the back as the runners went for the stairs. In one photo queue we had a DP holder that very pointedly moved to sit cross-legged in front of the Extra Help queue that he had clearly seen the Pit Boss organise, and then acted like a petulant child when told to go stand behind us. I get he's paid a premium, but he was being asked to let a grand total of half a dozen people go first and clear the area before it got crazy. Sadly, there will always be a few ignorant people who believe money can excuse them from having manners. Even with extra help, I have invested in DPs in the past as well, but even then, there have been people with greater need than I (in my opinion) whom I have happily said "after you" to. Seating, sadly, is a problem at most conventions, and what seating there is on fold up plastic chairs with no support, which is presumably what the venue can provide. There isn't an easy way round it, mostly for H&S reasons, but yes, it would be very nice to be able to have even just a normal conference chair with a full back to sit on every once in a while (we are considering bringing our own next year). We had to beg, borrow, and steal seats where we could, and once this met with some very terse words from a crewmember. All that said, as above, I had lots of positive experiences with crew this weekend, I do believe the good very much outweighs the bad. I had a great time overall, but the security needs training properly, the VQT system definitely needs an overhaul, and pit bosses need the authority to deal with anyone being offensive in their line.
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