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  1. Why does it say Derren attending Saturday only but photo shoot for Sunday??????
  2. HIGHS:- Lance Henriksen-- Chatted to everyone and stayed late to make sure everyone in queue got autograph.. My vote for guest of the convention. Catherine Mary Stewart-- Amazing and friendly Lady.. At photoshoot opened my arms and said"Give us a hug Reggie(character name from Night of the Comet)" she laughed and gave me a great big hug and my fave pic from whole convention Sabrina Gennarino- lovely and chatty, Had met Pollyanna Macintosh at Gatwick Airport on the Friday and showed her pic of me and her and they obv friends as chatted lots about that.. Brill John Schneider--pics with all and a total southern gentleman although now my wife and her friends are crushing major on him lol Every other guest apart from one-- all were great. Specially Caroline Munro, Adrienne Barbeau, Tim McInnerny and Jewel Staite Crew member on Sunday at Point C(was his birthday) he was excellent and kept all going great LOWS:- James Caan--- Didn't even acknowledge I was there .. signed photo and pushed to front then looked for next one.. RUDE!!!!! probably sell it on ebay now Staff at point D on Sunday ….Guy supposedly shouting out who was to queue... couldn't hear him and when went forward was an idiot!!! if wasn't deperate to get photoshoots would have punched him for his attitude!! THE HEAT!!!! had to change t-shirt 3 times so didn't stink out guest at photos!!
  3. Great!!! that's both my biggies in Megan and Val gone !!!.. Not a Dr who fan … please wrap up James Caan so he cant run away!!!
  4. If was Clint then have to second mortgage house and sell car lol
  5. yea Unfortunately Clint doesn't do these things.. if was Walken then OMG YESS!!
  6. Ah poo!!!.. Ok will accept Clint Eastwood or Donald Sutherland then
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