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  1. Who did everyone meet?

    I only went on the Saturday but I ended up meeting John Rhys-Davies, John Cleese and Phil LaMarr. John Rhys-Davies was only for a photoshoot but he was warm and polite. I was not expecting him to tickle my head though John Cleese wasn't that good a meet for me. He didn't even say hello, but I appear to have been the exception. Phil LaMarr was one of the best guests I've met at any con. We spoke about Samurai Jack, his time as an extra on Spider-Man 2 (which he spoke highly of) and I got him to quote from Futurama. He was really open and asked me for my name, even after he had signed something I wanted unpersonalised.
  2. John Cleese Appreciation Thread

    I wasn't expecting any preferred treatment, but it just seemed odd to not even get a hello at all considering. Any interaction at all would have been fine for me.
  3. John Cleese Appreciation Thread

    Unfortunately meeting him was a disappointment for me. He didn't say a single word to me, not even a hello, yet he was having full conversations with everyone else. I wouldn't mind as I've had that with other guests before but since I paid for a Diamond pass, and a second autograph on the spot, it felt a bit rude. The photoshoot was understandable as I was Diamond pass #218 and they started to have to rush towards my number, about two seconds each.