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  1. Dang, missed her Don't suppose there's any chance of Craig Charles making an appearance?
  2. Sean Bean would be awesome. Does Claire Grogan do conventions? She would be so cool
  3. I suppose Michael Gross is out of the question?
  4. OOH also anyone from Stranger Things, Dr Who, David Prowse, Jeremy Bulloch Chris Claremont, Adam Kubert, Todd McFarlane, Frank Miller, Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore Could you get any authors? Robin Hobb, Peter V. Brett, Clive Cussler, Andy McDermott, Trudi Canavan, Karen Miller
  5. I would love anyone from Red Dwarf - Particularly Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules, Norman Lovett Sean Bean Anyone from Marvels Agents of Shield, Heroes, The Flash, Arrow, Gotham, The Big Bang Theory, Tremors There doesn't seem to be nearly as many guests this year, is there about to be a big announcement?
  6. My son and I had gotten autographs from here (not last year,but at all the others). I would say that it's definitely worth it. My son spent about 10 minutes talking to John Rhys-Davies, really nice guy, and about the same with Jeremy Bulloch, again really nice gent. I've met Chris Barrie and Robert Lewellyn, both legends. Not sure if we'll be getting any this year, going to wait and see who else is coming.
  7. What about some authors? J K Rowling, Robbin Hobb, Matthew Reilly, James Rollins, Rick Riordan
  8. Cool, thanks for that. It's certainly something I'll consider
  9. I would love to see; Craig Charles, Danny John Jules, Norman Lovett, Doug Naylor, Chris Barrie, Robert Lewellyn, Hattie Hayridge, Clark Gregg, Chloe Bennet, Elizabeth Henstridge, Iain Design Caestecker, Ming-na Wen, Grant Gustin, Karen Gillan, To name but a few
  10. I'd love to see Craig Charles, Danny John Jules, Norman Lovett, Douglas Naylor, Chris Barrie, Robert Lewellyn, Any one from Marvels Agents of Shield, Gotham, Arrow or Flash Even more unlikely Chris Claremont and Frank Miller
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