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  1. Any or all of The League Of Gentlemen Tom Baker Paul McGann Peter Purves William Russell Jackie Lane Linda Blair Any or all of Pan's People (particularly Dee Dee!) Any of the cast of Trailer Park Boys Sandahl Bergman Any of the Blake's 7 cast Any of the cast of The Breakfast Club Anyone from Auf Wiedersehen, Pet or I, Claudius Oh, & some Wrestlers for my mate, Jon!
  2. Met Anneke last year, she's really nice, a right old chatterbox! Lovely lady!
  3. First, Katy Manning, now Richard Franklin! All that's needed now for a lovely group shot is the unique John Levene! Over to you, Showmasters! Great guest, again - March is shaping up to be a belter!
  4. Adders! Another 1 for the album! Looking forward to meeting him, as he gets so much flak from the fans, yet remains staunchly supportive & loyal to Dr Who.
  5. Katy's official Facebook page has stated that she will be attending Cardiff, & has cancelled her appearance at the other event. Sad news for them, but great for Cardiff! Looking forward to meeting Katy, & a photo-shoot is definitely on the cards!
  6. I'd also like to say thanks to Deryn, who was in charge of the photo-shoot queue on the Saturday. Very friendly, chatty & extremely well organised, she made the queueing process far more tolerable than usual. Oh, & if she sees this - I picked up the book you recommended to me & you were right, its an excellent read! Cheers, Deryn; & never forget you're Welsh!!!
  7. Friendly, funny, candid & with plenty of time for you, Andy was a real highlight for me this weekend. Just wish he'd done a photo-shoot! Maybe next time, hmm?!! Smashing guy! Great signing, Showmasters!
  8. In the unlikely event that she reads this, can I say to Kae that my 4-year-old little girl was over the moon with her signed photo! My awesome girl says "Thanks, Awesome Girl"! A really lovely lady! Thanks, Kae.
  9. Looking at tickets menu, it has Chloe down for Saturday only.
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