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  1. Below is a link to my photo. I had to do some post-processing myself to crop properly and do some sharpening - something I don't like having to do, but yes, the image was a little soft straight-out-of-camera. Not as bad as what's being described here, but certainly something avoidable. All the shots were going to be the same, so this could have been prevented with a tripod. I also compared the metadata between the DeLorean photo shoot and the standard backdrop photos. A relatively entry-level camera was used for the DeLorean photos (Canon T3i) while a high-end professional camera was used for the standard photos (Canon 5D MKIII). If I choice had to be made, I would have used the 5D on the car photo, hands down - once in a lifetime shots require high-level equipment. To be fair to Showmasters, the lighting in the two set-ups was good and the choice to use a black backdrop for the DeLorean shots was wise - puts the focus on the car and the two subjects. http://i698.photobucket.com/albums/vv347/hectorxcruz/MJF-Delorean-LFCC2015_zps8a9y1t5l.jpg~original
  2. I live in Chicago and flying to London next Thursday. I still have not received my two Michael J. Fox Diamond Passes. Wasn't worried before - really starting to worry now.
  3. I'm traveling from Chicago to London for this show and had purchased two Michael J. Fox diamond passes. I was going to purchase the weekend entry passes next week. I even checked online for availability yesterday and they were still available. I've e-mailed the Showmasters e-mail in the first post. Really hoping I can find a solution. Queen_Sindel - do you know what my chances are at this point?
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