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  1. Below is a link to my photo. I had to do some post-processing myself to crop properly and do some sharpening - something I don't like having to do, but yes, the image was a little soft straight-out-of-camera. Not as bad as what's being described here, but certainly something avoidable. All the shots were going to be the same, so this could have been prevented with a tripod. I also compared the metadata between the DeLorean photo shoot and the standard backdrop photos. A relatively entry-level camera was used for the DeLorean photos (Canon T3i) while a high-end professional camera was used for the standard photos (Canon 5D MKIII). If I choice had to be made, I would have used the 5D on the car photo, hands down - once in a lifetime shots require high-level equipment. To be fair to Showmasters, the lighting in the two set-ups was good and the choice to use a black backdrop for the DeLorean shots was wise - puts the focus on the car and the two subjects. http://i698.photobucket.com/albums/vv347/hectorxcruz/MJF-Delorean-LFCC2015_zps8a9y1t5l.jpg~original
  2. Where are we all Travelling From?

    Coming from Chicago, Illinois - USA.
  3. I live in Chicago and flying to London next Thursday. I still have not received my two Michael J. Fox Diamond Passes. Wasn't worried before - really starting to worry now.
  4. LFCC Saturday Entry is Now Sold Out

    I'm traveling from Chicago to London for this show and had purchased two Michael J. Fox diamond passes. I was going to purchase the weekend entry passes next week. I even checked online for availability yesterday and they were still available. I've e-mailed the Showmasters e-mail in the first post. Really hoping I can find a solution. Queen_Sindel - do you know what my chances are at this point?