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  1. Is that still applicable even though Martin finishes earlier at 12.10 whereas Jason finishes at 12.25?
  2. If someone can confirm that I’m reading the schedule correctly, as it stands for Sunday photoshoot start times: Jason Isaacs (11.45am) Martin Sheen (11.50am) Tom Felton (2.00pm) I have a diamond pass for Jason and I’m batch 1 for Martin. I have been told (can’t remember which mod it was sorry) to go to Jason first then Martin. Shall I still go ahead with this plan?
  3. I’ve also got a photo op booked for Martin Sheen, which by the way clashes with Jason Isaacs photoshoot. However, Martin Sheen’s finishes about 10 mins earlier I think. Would you advise I go to Martin first as I have a DP for Jason? As for other guests, yes I’m planning on getting a few other Harry Potter autographs but they’re not the big names so should be fine re VQ tickets.
  4. I’ve never purchased a diamond pass before but I have 2 this year for Tom Felton & Jason Isaacs on Sunday. So I need to go to the Grand Hall Foyer first, with my diamond pass etickets to collect them and then go to Olympia West to join the main queue with my general entry eticket to enter the Con? Also, what time is advisable to get there in others’ experience as I’m collecting Diamond Passes? Thanks
  5. I thought as much! Hopefully I'll be able to take one with him at his autograph table. Shame that his photoshoot isn't later in the day.
  6. I'm unable to get to the con until 12.30 on Sunday meaning I'll miss the Paul Freeman photoshoot. Just wondering, as there aren't that many photoshoots, what would be the chances of asking him to take a photo in the shoot area after his allotted time if it's quiet? Also, we are allowed entry at any time during the day right? As I said, I won't be arriving until 12.30 unfortunately. I have an entry ticket already.
  7. It's only just hitting home that I met Tobin Bell. I'd love it if Showmasters were to bring him back for another con. I have now met my 2 favourite Saw characters in Jigsaw & Hoffman which is something, back when the films first came out, I thought would never happen.
  8. Do we have any idea as to why he wasn't allowed to add quotes? No idea. Could be a copyright thing. Never heard of such things from meeting guests. Copyright was the only reason I could think of as well.
  9. Do we have any idea as to why he wasn't allowed to add quotes?
  10. Absolute legend! He made my day yesterday. Got 3 autographs and 2 photoshoots with him. Spoke a little to him about his fave Saw scene and he said it was in Saw 3 and the parts when he's laying ill in the bed talking with Amanda (Shawnee). He also said Saw 8 is in the development stage. I told him it was a pleasure to meet him and he shook my hand tight and thanked me for being a fan of Saw. Only downside was that he couldn't write Saw quotes. Any ideas as to why he couldn't? Copyright?
  11. Yes, Tobin is still attending, the mods have heard nothing to suggest otherwise. Thanks. Fingers crossed nothing changes!
  12. OK. Thank you QS. So, as far as you know, he is still attending yes?
  13. Why can you no longer buy a photoshoot ticket for Tobin on the Saturday? Last night they were there on Eventbrite and now nothing. We have had no warning of him being close to selling out.
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