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  1. I was amazed to get Sigourneys autograph last thing on Sunday without a Diamond pass!!
  2. To be honest, I was dreading going on Sunday after reading all the bad reports about the Saturday queues etc. I arrived at 10-45 expecting the worst, but was amazed to get straight in! Yes, it was very hot inside but found the stair queues moved along nicely, no gridlock as had been reported on Saturday. The only gripe I had was a few of the staff giving me conflicting info about where to go for photo shoots, but lucky managed to get there just in time! And to top it off, even managed to get Sigourney Weavers autograph right at the end!!
  3. Me also! I thought the queueing system was meant to have improved?? It's looking like a right farce!!!
  4. Hi J, Do you know if that actual picture of Bossk for Alan Harris will be there?
  5. For Star Wars pics try http://officialpix.com/There store has pics from every film.
  6. Looks like it's been sorted now! Thanks for your help Queen_Sindel
  7. Can anyone confirm that this will be another costume photo shoot at all?
  8. Hi, can anyone help me please? I'm still waiting for a refund for the cancelled Ray Park photo shoot.. have tried emailing on several occasions but looks like the email address is not working!! Who do I contact?
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