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  1. So im off to SFCC tomoro and wondered which guests had VQ's? and what the queues were like in general, expecting to arrive around 8:15 and want to know how to plan my autographs.... Thanks!
  2. You are probably best dropping showmasters an email but at this late stage im not sure wether a swap would be possible, you'd certainly get a refund either way. it might also be worth having a word with the sales desk once inside and seeing if they can do anything on the day.
  3. Any chance of a Map or Floor Plan being released prior to the event. it'd certainly be a useful tool, thanks.
  4. Will you have some copies of Legends to buy? After checking out your art (and pre-ordering a bunch) I looked it up and it looks and sounds awesome I'm hugely interested in getting a copy and having it signed but dont think I'll be able to pick one up before the con. Thanks!
  5. Celebrity Ink and other Autograph dealers will no doubt be there along with Forbidden Planet, then it'll probably just be a bunch of toy/collectable/comic/independant stalls, rest assured if its anything like LFCC there'll be plenty of Doctor Who merch along with some Harry Potter and Power Rangers stuff.
  6. I'm tipping its going to be a success, based on what im hearing from everyone I speak to. I know atleast 30-40 people going just from my circle of friends so I imagine ticket sales have been pretty good.
  7. Kevin Smith Robert Downey Jr John Barrowman Matt Smith Alyson Hannigan David Boreanez (Sp?) Sly Stallone Joss Whedon Nathan Fillion Sean Bean
  8. Yes, the TARDIS shots are only available on the day and assuming they havent sold out you will be able to purchase a Eve Myles shoot on the day also.
  9. Awesome! unbelievable gutted I cant make Saturday, cant believe im missing Anthony's Talk and the Red Dwarf talk.
  10. Exactly what queen said, my OH and her family are coming to their first Con thanks to it being in Sheffield. They can't wait.
  11. Think im going to have to get my Repo! The Genetic Opera Blu-Ray signed.
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