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  1. I concur what people are saying about the photos being too bright. They don't look good at all. I saw peoples photos as they came out of the area while I was still in the queue outside and was already wishing I hadn't paid the 45 for this op. But she was very friendly in the photo op session
  2. Carl Weathers photo shoot is sold out on the Saturday. Was wondering if more might be become available? Another Batch? Thanks
  3. Not sure if the older forum's still get checked by mods or people behind the scenes. But what ever happened to the Iron throne jpg's? They never got put up on the photo library to buy. I was a bit disappointed as I had one and was hoping to buy the jpg of it.
  4. Hi, Just some curious questions regarding this - One GUARANTEED in person Autograph from Sigourney Weaver, with the option to purchase a second autograph at the same time at a reduced rate of £75. Sorry if this has been asked before. So does this mean there is a limit of 2 autographs? Is the option to get a 2nd Autograph only available for Diamond pass holders? Lastly if a 3rd autograph was available. Would it be £75 also? Thanks
  5. well as we have only sold 40% of the gold passes we sold last year it hardly affects anything and we are only putting more on of what we had planed. hope that helps jason So did more gold passes get put up for sale and get sold out again already? Or are they still to come?
  6. I like how Sibel Kekilli has 2 galleries. One under her name and one under Sherilyn Fenn. Did she get 2 appearance fees :) A bit of a difference in brightness in the 2 galleries also. And has one of them been reversed? or did people start standing on the other side of her?
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