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    Free Bus problems

    Thanks to the four people whom I shared a Cab with around 10.00am on Saturday. We all put in for the journey and it was only £2 each. There were two woman, one man with a artists case and a man dressed as Dr Who.
  2. Hi there Never been to MK before so am planning on spending majority of day at Collectormania. However if there is time I want to investigate any other sic fi and fantasy shops in area. Does MK have a Forbidden Planet? Matt.
  3. SimbaUK

    Free bus still not here

    I have never been to Milton Keynes before in my life and am planning to get the free bus when I get there. Nervous lol
  4. SimbaUK

    Guest Cancellation - Jack Donnelly

    Is it too late to get Isacc Hempstead wright or Thomas Brodie Sangster from game of thrones been pushing for them!
  5. SimbaUK

    Guest suggestions

    I don't even know who was there last year
  6. SimbaUK

    Guest Cancellation - Jack Donnelly

    Come on guys, more game of thrones people please!!!!!!
  7. SimbaUK

    Game of Thrones Photo Opportunity

    Yes please!!!! I will Defiently pay a fiver to have this done! Must get my knight fancy dress out!
  8. Met him at London Comic con couple of years ago, such a lovely guy
  9. I think the line up is great, obviously different people like different guests etc so you can't please everybody. I am hanging out for Isaac Hempstead wright and Thomas Brodie Sangster from Game of Thrones! I have made my feelings known in other areas of this forum! I have emailed the site but have had no reply but just as long as someone's taken note ;-)
  10. SimbaUK

    Guest suggestions

    Sorry to post this several times but only just noticed a separate folder for Cardiff Comic-Con. I would really like Isaac hempstead Wright (Bran) and Thomas Sangster (Jojen reed) in Game of Thrones. Would be amazing to meet them on the Saturday! Plus if hodor is there you gotta have bran!
  11. SimbaUK

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran) and Thomas Sangster (Jojen Reed) from game of Thrones for Cardiff 2014. I am coming and have sent you guys an email! Would be soooo good!