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  1. are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? are we hodor yet? are we hodor hodor? are hodor hodor hodor? hodor hodor hodor hodor?
  2. perhaps during the Lena and peter shoot we can be given swords to avenge the king in the north
  3. i apologise if this breeches the rules but i thought i'd share this GoT link with you guys.... oh if you missed "the Red Wedding" episode then dont go there http://www.buzzfeed.com/donnad/best-tumblr-reactions-to-game-of-thrones-red-wedding
  4. im just curious as to why Peter does a seperate talk, it does seem a little odd... does he not get along with some of his fellow actors/actresses?
  5. i'll be getting the train from Stirling at 10:30 am on friday... if you see a forty year old guy sitting with head phones on reading the 5th game of thrones book... it'll probably be me :-)
  6. just thought i'd ask and see if there is anyone travelling down from Scotland to the show?
  7. i guess she realised she'd be missing the 4th of july parties if she came to the Uk :-P
  8. apparently if you have a hotmail email then your messages aren't getting through as they can't receive them for some reason. A map is usually provided and posted on the forum a few weeks before the event nope i am not useing hotmail... there does seem to be a phone number but its for vendors.... i might give it a try tomorrow when i get home from work.
  9. That's not a problem. Has happened before and I am sure you won't be the last this happens to either. ive never been to this show before and some of the online stuff is a little confusing, im not really a computer person and prefer talking to a real person over the phone or face to face. i was wondering since the show is open on friday for a limited time and i have ordered a cold ticket, is tehre a gold ticket line to stand in outside teh venue.... or do i just walk up to a security person and wave my gold ticket at them and then get pointed in the right direction?
  10. with all these extras for gold tickets, is there going to be a map supplied to help me find all of these goodies....? i've never been to this show and it does sound a little scary :-) i also sent some emails a few days ago but i havent heard back from the organisers.... is ther a phone number as i prefer to deal with people rather than technology
  11. am i right in thinking that the con is open only on driday night between 6pm and 8pm regardless of the ticket type you buy?
  12. i have ordered the gold ticket but i forgot to fill in the info regarding the autograph pack.... i did send a mail so i hope i can sort that out
  13. i was just wondering if there had been any further developments on this option which was previously discussed in another thread, should i just book seperate photoshoots with Linda and Lena and pray there is a double shoot later on? also i have prop that i'd like to pose with, a Phased Plasma Rifle in the 40watt range, is that possible or are props and posing forbidden... sorry for being a noob but this is my first ever comicon and i dont want to do anything stupid and get booted out
  14. i wnat to buy a gold ticket, but do i have to book all my photoshoots at the same time.... sorry for being so newbie
  15. i had a look on the comicon site and followed the link to the ticket sales but its still saying that the gold tickets are unavailable
  16. i was jsut wondering if are there any gold tickets left.... i cant seem to find them on the site
  17. this being my first post and my first comicon i really want the two sarah connor's option ! how would i book this as i dont see it as an option on the main site?
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