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  1. I'm in front of Autograph Area C, talking to my pitboss, between Gwynth Walsh and Robert O'Reillys booth :)
  2. I wanted one for my crew badge, but when I had time to procure one saturday afternoon, they had sold out, I managed to get a chain eventually... I think maybe plain ones could have been made available by the merchandise staff... Its up to them what they sell though *shrugs* I know for next time to bring my own!
  3. As a first time crewer, I had a fab time! and I for one really appreciate the comments I got during the event, after and those in the forums :) It makes a massive difference to know we are appreciated! And I can't wait to crew for the next event!
  4. Hi guys, Blue here, thought I would join the site as well as the Facebook! I had a great weekend and I definitely want to do it again! Thanks for giving me this opportunity. I met so many awesome people, and I'm sure there are many more I have yet to properly meet :) I can't wait! x
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